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Nvidia RTX 20XX Thread


I disagree, but I can’t really describe what I mean verbally.

I intend on learning some 3d design software at some point in the near future so maybe I can make some digital examples of what i’d like to see.


I’m imagining faux tesla coils, bare patina’d copper and nixie tubes, that’s what evokes “mad scientist” for me


Functional and understated are definitely not analogous. They could be, if that’s the designer’s intent, but the same could be for a design which focuses on form.

These new cards have a very similar design language to the Porsche Design products, in my opinion. It’s trying to be clean and industrial, but it just comes off as tacky. Again, just my opinion (and a bit off-topic).


They aren’t necessarily the same, but I think the overlap here can’t be ignored. These devicces don’t have moving parts, and cooling design doesn’t exactly move in creative circles, so amount of embellishment is pretty strongly correlated with divergence from functionality.


With what looks to be a decent 2 fan cooling system what does that mean for AIB’s? I wonder if NVidia is trying to force out smaller board partners who can’t spend a lot of money researching better solutions by making their stock solution a pretty good buy.


I’ll try and put together a CAD model something along the lines of where I think they should’ve taken it, tomorrow.

Maybe they were limited because they had to use recycled fans from dead 690s? haha


it means there’s more room for aibs to make blower models for system integrators that prefer that style, as well as single slot deisgns.


interested to see it.


exactly this

I don’t see raising the standard to be a bad thing, and if NV forces out partners that means less partners buying their chips :confused:, if that happens I don’t believe it would be intentional but none of us work for them so anything is speculation at best.


I think it means more direct sales, which means more profit for Nvidia. They aren’t new to this game at this point.


So a furthering of the founders edition trend, that does make a lot of sense.

ok then speculation time, RIP partners


Get rid of some partners, not all. Just the pissant ones who they don’t want to deal with. The bigger partners have enough clout to push back if NVidia gets too dickish.


Do they? We’ve already seen Nvidia push around all of the partners with the 1070 Ti release and disallowing overclocked editions. This is just emboldening them IMO.

But now I think we’re getting a little OT. Maybe.


That was all equally though… so it didn’t really hurt one or the other. Getting rid of blower and going with what looks to be a decent cooling solution out of the box for their cards really undermines the smaller companies that can’t devote the R&D resources. With a blower on the NVidia models any half ass cooling attempt nailed to a PCB would be viable. Just how decent… well time will tell. If they didn’t half ass it to leave room for partners and employed many of the same cooling tricks the partners use, only the big partners will be able to play effectively.


Mysterious pot voice
The more you buy, the more you save

I suspect that ordinary performance is exactly as much as the cores are scaled to with that gddr6, and/but Titan V has more than any of these and that weirds me a bit

THEN, with all new features its performing as much better as advertised, and from previous TAA spreadout I’d say that at least that this ATAA gets quickly in, and I’ll probably eyeball that Final Fantasy XV



Yeah, well… that is what no competition and “muh 2% faster” gets you.


dunno if i would say ‘no’

as in one could still very easily argue that amd doesnt have a single processor that can beat say a [email protected] in single threaded i.e. gaming vs a 7700k or 8700

i mean mining thing definitely didnt help vega, besides being late, but before that there was that 6 month free for all gtr 480 for like 245 and 1060s going for modest 250+ for blowers even

and still no one got any, even when its say 1050ti vs 470 where amd tosses nvidia’s salad in price/performance, and in raw performance outright, yet theres more 1050ti’s then all of amds polaris cards combined not just 470/570 (atleast on steam hardware survey)

would say more the latter muh 2%, and muh nvidia, same as when people keep buying micro transactions/dlc and literally paying to test(early access) and then complain they keep doing that shit

if you only buy nvidia, what competition do you expect from nvidia?


I feel like we’ve reached to the point in GPU architecture where we could compromise performance for visuals. Can’t say whether this is impressive or a nonsense.


Some numbers

GPU FP16 (~GFlops) FP32 (~GFlops) FP64 (~GFlops) TCores Die Size (mm2)
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 177 (1:64) 11340 350 (1:32) N/A 471
Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti 210 (1:64) 13500 420 (1:32) 544 754 / 775
Nvidia Titan V 29790 (2:1) 14900 7450 (1:2) 640 815
AMD RX Vega 64 25160 (2:1) 12580 785 (1:16) N/A 510

That’s a ~19% theoretical compute increase for the most common operations (FP32) from the 1080 Ti to the 2080 Ti.
Anyone that wants to do FP64 heavy compute will use Vega, Titan V or Quadro’s.


Tensor cores


GPU Tensor Cores RayTracing Core (Rays/s) T_FP16 (FLOPS) T_INT8 (OPS) T_INT4(OPS)
RTX 2080 Ti 544 109 110 220 440