NVIDIA – Reports Record Quarterly Revenue of $1.40 Billion and Record Full-Year Revenue of $5.01


So despite a few questionable for the consumer practices, and having the overall weaker mid range cards, apparently nvidia is doing very well, AMD really needs to get their shit together, suppose it might be too late at this point though they need a few small miracles to come back.

At this stage it is not that AMD needs to get their shit together. On the GPU side they are good more or less beating out all the midrange in price and performance.

The problem here is advertising and fanboys. People without thinking just buy nVidia. They are untouchable, I mean they literally release broken cards and downgrade the drivers and people still think they shit gold. This is just stupid people problem.

The other side is nVidia are known to be incredible liars. So this could just be that, unless the figures are public earning records.

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This is bad I want AMD to make a big comback with zen cpu and HBM gpu.

nvidia's marketing department is really good.

Absolutely. When it comes to GPU's people look straight at NVIDIA (and this is partly down to ignorance as well as stupidity). Even in a work place, I see more NVIDIA based GPU's than I do AMD. And as you also said, the GPU range is pretty damn strong. What they're really lacking is in CPU.

AMD definitely need a win, not just for their sake, but for the sake of the competitive market.


I'm really sick of Nvidia's shit. First Nvidia gimps kepler, then the 3.5GB 970, then it turns out that Maxwell is missing Asynchronous Computing and Nvida advertising great DX12 support. And people still buy their shit like crazy. I'm about to build my friend a nice PC and he just absolutely wants the GTX 960 over AMD's 380 out of "personal preference". And most prebuilt PCs (which a lot of my friends also buy) also come with nvidia gpus. Why do people still put up with Nvidia's bull shit?

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As I keep saying. Change starts with us. If you keep paying for it they will keep doing what they do.

Do the right thing buy AMD.

Besides the 380 handily beats the 960 in non gameworks gimpped games. That is the only place they have an advantage.

And that's exactly the reason why I bought a Fury X over a 980 Ti. It may be slightly slower but the driver's will get better and better and I won't need to worry about any surprises or AMD gimping my card. Besides, the performance difference is quite managable

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I like the part where everyone forgets they have other segments besides GPU's that contribute to their bottom line.

Yeah like their mobile chips.. Oh wait.

More like:

-- Growth across all market platforms - Gaming, Professional
Visualization, Datacenter, Automotive
-- Sharply growing customer engagements in deep learning


I'm not defending their practices but to assert that they are only as big as they are because of their antics in the GPU realm is absolutely absurd. Tesla uses Tegra chips in their cars. Volvo is a big partner in their autonomous vehicle realm along with Tesla.

That's a better article. When people talk about revenue I always want to ask, "Ok. . . what about the profit margin?" If you've got a shit load of revenue but you're losing money you're in a bad position. But definitely not the case for Nvidia. That's a fuckload of profit.

Edit: Having more than a 50% profit margin is ridiculous. Implies a serious lack of competition.

It does. (Leaving GPU's aside as that's akin to shoving ones manhood into a hornets nest and expecting everything to be fine.) Who else are they competing against in the other realms? Like autonomous vehicles, deep learning etc.? I'm 100% curious as I'm not that well versed in this area.

Edit: Also worth pointing out that Fitch withdrew their AMD ratings and will be re-issuing I believe. The article I read stated that they are changing their debt rating from negative to recovery.

Well ya, but is anyone else even competing with the car stuff?

Far as workstation GPUs go, CUDA is seemingly still too ingrained, even though overall unless CUDA is nessisary the firepro cards are a bit cheaper and usually offer you similar performance at times.

I like how their non-GAAP reports have higher income and lower expenses than their actual GAAP reports.

They should be. Just look at the automotive partners they have on board.

As for the FirePro cards, I had a feeling that was the case. I heard that you get a whole ecosystem with the quadros and the tesla GPUs but Im not into workstation stuff so I don't know for certain.