Nvidia or amd for the next gen?

hi guys, i'm going to change the gpu, i currently have a sapphire radeon hd 7850 2gb oc, and i'm going to sell it. should i buy amd or nvidia? i'm asking this because of the ces 2014, nvidia showed of g sync, but amd showed free sync, that don't need nothing, so what do you think?

Get whatever is cheaper. Usually, the performance differences are very small. I am not bought in by many of the new features since I have no existing problems without those features. So I wouldn't aim to make a purchasing decision based on that. Same reason nobody gives PhysX any consideration.

Do you have a budget? Or favourite game(s)?

what berserker here said. get what's cheaper. they both make cards that do well. both AMD and Nvidia tend to both beat each other in terms of performance in different games but the differences is small. now AMD has control of the Console market. you can expect more AMD optimized titles. but that doesn't mean developers wont have a preference with Nvidia. cause it has happened multiple times already. but get what's cheaper. you can get an R9-270x (a 7870) for like 210 bucks i believe right now. and the price to performance is stupid. and i mean stupid as in amazing. i can run most of my games on high to ultra with it,

And both sides have solutions to "problems". Especially with AMD's Mantle looking to be completely open source. Which means Nvidia could use it. It really does come down to your favourite game(s), which may prefer either. I went with Nvidia because my favourite game series gets a bit of a performance boost with their cards.

If you want to play on Linux, go with AMD. Their Linux drivers are solid, better than Nvidia's, and they are making the move towards open source with both their drivers and Mantle.

If you don't care about Linux... go with whatever is best for the price and the game(s) you play.

i found the asus geforce 760 at 230€, so.... i can't select on preferit game, because i love to play amd, but i also play game with nvidia brand, like just cause 2. i think i will wait for the first comparsion and then decide. my budget is 200-300$ but i want to go with the cheapest.


I say go for AMD because the new gen consoles are using AMD too. This could make no difference, but might as well anyways. AMD also has mantle, which is open source, but my theory is that mantle will be best on AMD. Or go for Nvidia if you want things like cuda cores, maybe better drivers (preference really), or Gsync.

i don't have problem, i "only" play games and some rendering so i don't really need cuda, amd as free sync wich don't need to you to spend 100/150$ in plus for the monitor and with the driver i don't have problem with amd, but nvidia is better if you play games, as i know, is this true?

Neither is better than the other when it comes to gaming. Not in any definitive or meaningful way. Only certain games which might have a slightly higher performance with either Nvidia or AMD.

I would just pick a card with the best price performance. And if you have similarly performing cards, just go with the cheaper card.

If you like to mod games, AMD might be the better choice because their cards have additional Vram. However, AMD's GPUs are at a heavily inflated price because they are being used by crypto-currency miners.

No this isn't the case. Nvidia and AMD are perfect for gaming. it just what sort of messes up the Card Preference is the Optimizations. If a Game is MADE for AMD Cards chances are the Game is going to Run Better with an AMD Card. likewise with Nvidia, if the Game is MADE to run with Nvidia chances are the game is going to run better with an Nvidia Card. the thing is both Companies' Offer something to you when you purchase their card. Nvidia offers G-Sync and PhysX. AMD offers TressFX (which as of Now only Tomb Raider has this Implementation), Freesync and Mantle. but the the thing is AMD cards are relatively cheaper than an Nvidia Card. but in some cases will perform the same or even beat Nvidia Cards for a much better price. so because of Optimizations it comes to what you play and what is more important to you that these companies offer to you.

thanks for the help, last thing, it's better the r series or the hd series?

The R series is mostly rebrands of the HD series. e.g 270x is the new 7870.

The R series is a little more up-to-date. I would choose the R series providing the cost difference isn't high.

considering your price range and the card you have now, I think the best choice would be to get another pitcarn gpu for crossfire, your budget just isn't really enough to warrant upgrading from a 7850

i'm going to sell the 7850, so i can't do croosfire. my final choice is the asus r9 280x, 3gb ddr5, it will run all games for lot of years, thanks for all

280x is a really good, balanced choice. Good for higher resolutions and mods.

I'll just add this to the mix... you can't go wrong with Nvidia. You seriously can't. All of their products are high quality, especially if you buy from EVGA. EVGA has a great warranty and includes such a good quality for their products. I bought 1 radeon card, and it was screwed up since opening it. I now own a gtx 660, and nothing has gone wrong, some times cheaper, ISNT better.

The failure rate is roughly the same across all manufacturors. For every one person who pulls a DOA GPU out of a box, 100 get one that works fine.

PS4 and XBONE have AMD hardware... i seriously doubt game developers will use NVIDIA hardware as primary developing and testing platforms therefore AMD hardware will run games more efficiently than NVIDIA.

in my country NVIDIA always was a lot expensive than AMD and the performance differences are not high enough for me to pay 200$ more for nvidia.... for extra 150$ you could liquid cool the AMD card and overclock the crap out of it and for sure NVIDIA will get left behind.

nVidia has better marketing, but fact is that since summer 2012, there is always something going wrong that needs solving on your system if you run anything more modern than a 9800GT, the drivers crash, the drivers don't work with modern operating systems, the drivers don't support OpenCL, the performance in OpenCL is crap, there is stutter going on because the memory bottlenecks, the GPU doesn't rev up if you use drivers where all the rest seems to work with for a change, nVidia tried to trojan horse the free software foundation into merging it non-standard compliant compute crap without going open source, even though they had promised the world to go open source in september, they failed to have their trojan horse crapware merged in GCC and have pissed off the open source community so much that they will never be able to recover without going full open source and adapting their designs to the Intel/AMD standards, which means making more expensive hardware and competing on price, and even with the cheaper to make hardware that nVidia is selling right now, they can't compete on price with AMD, so that doesn't look good, etc... and I still have some nVidia cards running, and had nVidia cards in all my PC's in 2012, this is really what is happening with nVidia, their arrogance went through the roof and their quality went down the drain.

AMD on the other end, has been laying low, has been pioneering HSA, or next gen computing, has spun that technology off somewhat as much as possible for Windows with Mantle and AMD APP, has been making progress on a weekly basis on their open source driver, has seen all its technologies merged without problems, and has created the HSA foundation that unites a lot of technology giants from all kinds of platforms to set the standards for the next generation of computing, and even Intel is adapting to it.

So yeah, AMD looks better now, which explains why all AMD cards are sold out everywhere.

All hardware manufacturers make some stupid hardware, like a GTX 780whatever version, that is totally useless for OpenCL, but it's sold for a very high price, because there are more YouTube reviewers that have a freebie one than actual paying customers, and the paying customers obviously have to treat the youtubers to their freebies also... and it works, look at the pro-nvidia and anti-AMD crusade Michael Larabel has started since AMD has cut him off from receiving freebies and nVidia keeps sending him more and more... and he's really making a complete fool of himself plugging nVidia and craptalking AMD in a linux community...

The G-Sync vs FreeSync debate is still much too young to make an educated decision as to which is "better".
G-Sync requires particular monitors that have special hardware but FreeSync has only been demonstrated on laptops and has been pointed out that the use of Vblank(the tech FreeSync is base around) on monitors isn't currently possible due to the way that scalers are implemented. 

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
I would wait until the release for Nvidia 8xx series before you make a decision. Remember that GK110 which the 7xx series is based on is technology that Nvidia created 2 years ago (Telsa K20). I would imagine that Maxwell would be much better in the same way that Kepler was to Fermi.

Linux wise: I've personally had much better reliability with Nvidia over AMD but others say AMD over Nvidia. Either way gaming on Linux is not there yet no matter how much Gabe Newell would like to say otherwise.

Also i would add that AMD Tahiti runs incredibly hot so if you do decide on an AMD R9 get a really good cooler. 


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