Nvidia maxwell gtx 750

i'm definitely in the market for a new gpu, i'm looking at nvidia's gtx 750. prolly gonna go with evga's. but they have a ti and non-ti, a ti sc, and a non-ti sc version.. i don't know what the difference is? i definitely don't have the money for the ftw edition, so that's out of the question. is there a ti ftw and a non-ti ftw? can someone simplifier the difference between em all please. thanks p.s if someone thinks i should get a different gpu than the gtx 750 please do tell because im open to suggestions. im working on building the ultimate budget machine for gaming and visualization

What's does the rest of your system look like? What's your budget?

Both 750 and 750ti only sport 1-2Gigs of VRAM with only 128bits of memory bandwidth. You won't get much out of that. 1080p will work at medium to low settings, but you will feel the need to upgrade again very soon.

If you want to build the ultimate budget gamer try to get a Radeon 7950/7970 or a GTX760 of Ebay. That's a much better bang for your buck. Just a tip.

What ChrisG is saying is definitely true. I currently am running an MSI Gaming 750Ti and Playing battlefield 4 is okay but is not a great experience, I'm going to upgrade to a GTX 970 near christmas because I'm not satisfied with the performance, but its a great card for the money although the 270 is the same price and performs better

forgot to add this, If the 750 is the only option at least get the Ti

You will stab yourself if you dont

I have the EVGA gtx 750 Ti and for a budget card I can run BF4 on ultra settings and average 40-45 FPS. For a 150 dollar card I highly recommend it for anyone on a budget.

Sorry forgot to add I have the SC edition. Which is only clocked a tad under the FTW.

amd 970 chipset (i don't need multiple x16 pcie connections, i only want one gpu card) so i don't need the 990fx/990x

i'm used to a radeon 4350, i bought borderlands 2 on steam and gta:sa, but i cannot play them because the fps is crap

i have never played crysis, bf4, or any other game that requires the ultra high end gpu

even if i did play those i would be okay with not being able to run at ultra settings

so now i'm torn between the gtx 750 ti sc and the radeon 7950/7970 (ChrisG made me look up the prices of that radeon on ebay)

i could get a radeon 79xx used on ebay much cheaper than the gtx 750. but i'm really impressed with the low power usage and low heat output of the gtx 750.

i'm looking to spend around $100 for a gpu

A used 7950/70 (R9 280/280X) will destroy a 750 Ti. It isn't even close. Just make sure it hasn't been used for mining. 

I wouldn't get a 750 Ti anyway. Bot the R7 265 and R9 270 are about the same price and faster than a 750 Ti. 

What power supply do you have? If you have a low wattage one without the necessary amps then you won't be able to run a more powerful GPU and will have to get the 750 Ti unless you want to buy a new PSU. 

Well the 750 and 750 Ti cards are different cards. I would not settle with anything less than the 750Ti.

It does only have 640 cuda cores. But it also uses the newer maxwell architecture. Maxwell's Cuda cores are 40% more powerful than nvidia's last gen kepler chips. So the 750 Ti almost has the same power as the older GTX 660 with its 960 cuda cores. Also Maxwell has a lot more data cache on chip. I believe its 2MB of L2 vs the 512KB of L2 on Kepler. This does make a difference. The GPU does not need to hit the 2GB of frame buffer as much. So having only a 128bit memory bus really is not as important this gen of chips.

The 750 Ti is a good card. Runs cool. Can be overclocked easy. There are models out there like the ASUS card that have a 6 pin power connector that add a extra 25 watts of power. Those cards are hitting 1450 to 1500 Mhz and still staying cool below 70 degrees. 

Now the bad. The cards don't have SLI finger on them. This sucks even knowing this chip is able to do it. Nvidia won't include support for it in there drivers. And you can sometimes get a better card for the same price.

If you can find a good GPU for the same price. Say a R7 265 or r9 270 there better cards. They are cheap and have crossfire support. I am kind of a Nvidia/Intel fan boy. But being a system builder buy trade and having some insight on the subject. I have to admit AMD drivers and support has been getting a lot better. And they even give me the time of day now.