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Nvidia linux driver patch for "Linux code 43"?


I am using XCP-NG and I am trying to pass through an Nvidia card to a VM so I can use the cuda decoder for ffmpeg.

Since I cannot use the usual KVM ways to hide the fact that the card is inside the VM, are there any patches for Linux drivers (as there are for Windows) in order to properly enable the GPU inside the Linux VM?

The same kvm tricks should work, they’re applied to the machine not the operating system.

Depending on the card, some also need a hacked bios, or at least a copy of a bios. I was lucky that both my quadro p400 and geforce 960 needed just the basic kvm guest configuration changes.

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Unfortunately the KVM tricks do not work on Xen because Xen has no built in way of hiding its signature to the VM.

That is why I need to patch the driver to stop it from checking if it is running in a VM.

Oh, missed the Xen part. Been a long time since I dabbled with Citrix, sorry no suggestions.