nVidia GPU Help

Hey guys.

Im coming to you with a problem.

Im building a new computer this summer and Im doing revisions as I need to save some money for personal life.

Now im stuck between what GPU to get. I was originally going to get a ASUS DCU II 7970 but it became to much for my revisions.

So I started hunting at my local computer and I found the nVidia 660ti

Now I still want a DCU II Card cause theyre hella sexy.

So im asking you...

Will two 660ti DCU II out perform one 660ti DCU II TOP edition ?

Thankyou for your time.


Well yeah, of course they would. But why don't you just get a gtx 670 or a hd 7870 xt, or even a different version of a 7970? There are always going to be issues with sli/crossfire configurations that aren't in single gpu set-ups. I mean really just get one card it will be so much easier for you in the end. 

OK let me try again - 2 660 ti cards will outperform one 660 ti no matter what model.

HOWEVER you are will drain more power, generally have higher temps, be more likely to have driver issues etc. Therefore I would recommend getting one higher end card rather than two lower end ones.

Finally a question; are you planning to buy one card now and get another a couple of months down the line?

Yes that is a possibility. And so is upgrading the card. I am content on getting the DCU2 TOP card and will most likely get another one down the line. Thankyou for your help :)