NVIDIA GPU Grant Program? Anyone heard of this?

Please do not turn this into a flame war

Please do not turn this into an anti-this or anti-that thread

I follow the R-Bloggers, and they were just granted an NVIDIA GPU for their research:

I had no idea NVIDIA offered such a program. Apparently, they offer a slew of options.

More info about the subject:

According to the blog post above, they also offer scholarships and fellowship programs.

This was all new to me, but how awesome? I’m sure this helps data scientists, computer scientists, and people that need ample computing resources an insane amount.

I did not look but briefly, but have any of you had experience with AMD doing this offering? I saw one post where a rep said “This is for technical support” and they apologized for not having the information. Then, another post on Reddit about how AMD could get into Deep Learning, but nothing really about academic offerings.

Curious to know your thoughts on this or if any of you have experience with something like this.

problem right now is that there’s no native frameworks for ocl, only limited ports, so even if they did offer it, no one would use it (for ML in particular, anyway)

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For AMD, yeah?

Is something like that in the works from them?

best they have now is a framework that spits out translated cuda code from ocl so you can develop for both but no one seems to care