Nvidia driver is not detected

I am using Acer E5-575-580Y. I have Nvidia 940mx

when I type nvidia-smi then show an error when I shift from Intel to open source driver and I also use bumblee driver it also not work help me, guys… I show this problem to the community but there was no one who has an idea about driver

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nvidia-smi is a utility packaged with the Nvidia proprietary driver. It does not work with the open source driver.

@techZoNe1 are you running the most up to date graphics driver manager? i see the deepin graphics manager. in the pre 15.7deepin release i had horrible issues with the graphics driver manager plus the mobile cards are iffy in driver support (from my experience)

also check @PhaseLockedLoop 's nividia driver install Installing NVidia on Linux (Fail Proof)

I should edit this for Debian based vs RHEL based… the process differs

Just did