Nvidia adds telemetry to it's latest drivers

I will not comment at all.
This is a reddit thread about how to disable it...


And this, children, is why you dont update drivers


Ok never again nvidia, ty


Same here. For me, they have two years to show they're above screwing over their customers for a few points on the bottom line, otherwise hello AMD.


Great...Now you can't even render graphics without being watched.


I swear I said they would do this at one point but I meant it as a joke....


Telemetry will be (if it already isn't) the largest business ever, everyone who can profit from analyzing consumer behavior will.
Of course we're living in a shift regarding commerce but these things just makes my blood boil, maybe I'm old fashioned or tinfoiled idk but I refuse to be blatantly spied upon just so that spammers can shuv ads in my face. The information that's stored will never be deleted, and will be used for other purposes not just advertising. And this is just consumer-level.


I mean, it's one thing calling automatic crash reports telemetry, but they state plain text they may (will) send this information to third parties for promotions etc - so it's not just for Nvidia to use for their own marketing.

Before anyone makes the comparison to Facebook, reddit or other software suppliers (with the exception of Microsoft), Nvidia is a hardware supplier, and one of two viable brands of discrete GPU's. You can't really "opt out" by going somewhere else, if you for example are dependent on CUDA.
You can sandbox Facebook, but you can't sandbox the GPU. Same as telemetry on the OS level - you can't hide user IO interactions from the shell/OS, as much as you can't hide computations from the GPU driver. And each of these interactions are earmarked to a serial number which can be tracked from factory to end user.
It's on the same level as Microsoft telemetry.

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My big issue is, that they can inject adds wherever... So me, as an amazingly crappy YouTuber, I make some 2-3$ a month. If Nvidia injects adds on my YouTube videos, I will loose even those 2$... Not much, but it's about 100% of my YouTube income. Why?

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AMD supports CUDA via HCC/C++. You can indeed go elsewhere.


The way it would work in that sense, is that it would inject ads into clips you are watching, not videos you've uploaded. So people watching your clips and have an Nvidia card, could see Nvidia-injected ads, rather than the ones served by Google's adsense (or whatever it's called on Youtube).

Not sure if they'd go this far - telemetry is about data mining, and not injection. The telemetry would be used to tell advertisers what to show you when they see you're connecting with an Nvidia GPU with "your" serial number. So... Nvidia could tell the advertisers that they should show ads for content that you have used locally, rather than by the tracking done by websites. Look at it like offline user tracking.

This is why Microsoft (and Google Play services) telemetry is so bad too - they're logging your every move, whatever you are doing with the device, and there's no opting out. Browser based activity is restricted to the sandboxed environment provided by Chrome/Firefox etc. OS/driver interactions are not.

Disregad the ad, but the facts are true


Check out comment number 2... It's the first row of the quote...
"This information is used to display targeted adds on our website, other websites and apps..."
Am I misreading this?

"We or the online advertising networks use this information to make the advertisements you see online more relevant to your interests."
It's not so much about injecting, as giving you more relevant ads through the existing channels in one place.

So instead of people seeing generic ads, they'll start getting targeted midget porn ads instead, because that's what was last decoded by their Nvidia GPU. They're still served through your ad network of choice.

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I see then...
I misread it as if Nvidia will advertise, and they ate just explaining why they gather data, they don't need...
I see...

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They probably handle advertising on their own domains, which is why they worded it that way.

It would probably be difficult for a display driver to get WHQL certification, if it was reaching around the OS tampering with unrelated stuff. But then again, Microsoft sure isn't above it themselves,so...

Maybe in a while Nvidia will go the AT&T route, and hijack network data streams (or manage to do it directly on the video stream O.o).

So simply they're only looking and following and not showing ads themselves. Ok I guess that's fine then...

Knew I should've bought a fucking AMD gpu. This shit just burns my ass so hard.


This is just outrageous! I paid for the hardware you sold me and toghether with it comes the software support. Why in the living hell I should let them make money off of me with ADS? This is plain stealing informations and spying on people.


Hmm apparently this is the news about the GeForce utilities, not the drivers.
Admittedly I did react before checking the whole story behind this whoolabaloo but even tho this news about adding telemetry to GeForce xprns is a couple of months old it's still very relevant. I just reacted prematurely lol.