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Nubbn food drive


imagine that Grizzle was correct in his statement that I would
sit down and eat all the carbs then be left with just Beans and rice
well at this point I have eaten alot of the small stuff


I missed whatever happened. Whats the context @nubbn?


on sunday night grizzle made a comment on the teamPGP stream that I would probably just eat all the small carb stuff
and be left with just the beans and rice

or if you are talking about why am I post these well that is a longer story that goes back to when grizzle decided He ,along with the rest of the TeamPGP , wanted to do a food drive for me (nubbn) .

TeamPGP had one of their most watched streams in a while with over 120 viewers
if you want more context I can continue


RIP in a few weeks this gonna be offline.


thank you for the link and
another day 3 delivery
a big thank you


anther Day 3 delivery of Nubbn food drive
I will be doing a review of this item later when i make for Lunch


I think the spicy ramen noodles were from ryan, no? Wasn’t it the test order?


no those were delivered on saturday
because it was actually ordered before
the stream Friday night


Day 4 deliveries
MRE unpackaging


I downloaded the vod with yt-downloader so I may ask if I can upload to steemit


if i want to send nubbn some homemade pickled goods some of which are below 100k scovilles, how would i do this?


Send some pickled eggs my WAY!


thinking more pickled ghost peppers, pkliz, pickles, onions, garlic ect with some of the peppers around 1-50k and some ghost so every jar is a mystery.
if i sent him eggs they would be in a jar of mirin, sake, soy, rice vinegar, and sugar



so hows the magic deck coming?


This needs uploading to Youtube to keep forever. Was an excellent stream.


Never had pickled eggs soaked in saki and other sauces. Might try that out. But I like pickle brine much more.


a.) it would have to be sealed
b.) the food drive was mainly from the amazon list
c.) you can make a suggestion and i will add to list


new videos are up on my youtube page i will post links whan all are updated


it would be sealed because the pickling process seals the jar. the pickle juice is poured in boiling and then the lid is screwed on while still boiling creating a air tight seal.
so what do?


Wow, really nice to see the community and teampgp helping this guy out. Good stuff, really.