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Nubbn food drive


I have received alot of boxes since the TeamPGP stream on friday night
first of the 3 big amazon Pantry boxes

items inside

edit 1 for actual food drive list on amazon
Nubbn food drive list
edit 2 for changing google drive links to youtube or steemit (when i get those uploaded correctly


Might be my end, but I’m getting insecure connection errors :frowning:

Enjoy though!


yeah its probably because of google drive links
i will fix


more review video


You should upload this to Youtube.



why should i
I have this place


they sent you TP?

i only have scott ATM, i would have felt spoiled with that quilted northern :sweat_smile:


lol it was a suggestion from the stream
I was like ok I am almost out so that will be great


very entertaining :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:


you’re gonna get so muscular with that giant whey protein. :smile:


i didn’t want to do youtube because i don’t have a non real name account
but i will probably make private after a while


You can create additional channels on your Youtube/Google account.


yeah I tried to change somethings around but i am not satisfied with the look


Superb video, should keep you going for a while!


yes the food will keep me going
I also had 3 more packages delivered today video will be upcoming once its uploaded from my phone
nubbn food drive and review


and it continues


Gotta say that stream was way more entertaining then it should have been :smiley:

Good for you, but you donated a lot over the years as well, so kinda earned it :slight_smile:

PS: the last link doesn’t work because it links to your edit area :wink:


I think i will will try to upload these videos to


thanks for catching that