November Patch Tuesday headache - Issues in outlook 2010 and 2013

I'm throwing this out there for any other IT guys, since I was banging my head against the wall about it for several hours this morning.

And before you ask "why don't you use wsus" realize that we are an IT agency that manages hundreds of companies, most without wsus, and some without a windows server.

Block that crap.
Opening most any html formatted email in outlook 2010-2013 on windows vista-8.1 will result in it crashing.
Opening in safe mode works, but only in safe mode.

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Oh man, thanks. I actually don't have a WSUS server yet on my location because of budgetary concerns so I have to do everything through GPO and scripts. I'll be sure to either avoid that one or remove it after the fact. I'd have had a ton of phone calls tomorrow.

That's why I wait till Thursday to do updates.

TY for posting this. I would have missed it.