Noticing A Pattern In Mt.Gox

I've been noticing a pattern in Mt.Gox lately coinciding with the DDoS attacks that have been happening.

There have been many "blips" that have been going unnoticed where the value has gone up at a rate of 15% a day, but every few days, a blip appears and the value drops by 9% of that time's value.

It's almost as if a group is controlling the market through attacks.

I'm going to continue collecting data on this and when I have about 2 weeks worth of data, I'm going to send it over to the site's owner for him to evaluate.

It might make him reconsider making more servers to create a massive load balance to prevent these attacks, but it also may backfire when there is any form of crash as it prevents an immediate shutdown and eliminates the lag of the server, further accelerating the drop speed in market value.

Meanwhile, I'm still in a q to be verified.

Try BTC-E without 1,000,000,0000 security precautions... Your problem will switch from tampered market values, to hacked accounts. 

Are we, are we going to be blaming Jews soon?

Anyway's if a group can somehow control Bitcoin prices, then Bitcoin is a total and utter failure. that or we need more sites then just mt gox to trade.

Anyone can control anything if they own enough of it. I agree we need more exchanges. I dont beleive this defaults the practical value of BTC in our day and age.