"Notch"(creator of minecraft) made a FPS

And it is F2P link Here

I was hoping this was about 0x10C, not some product of a challenge.

I clicked the link expecting to see "Guncraft". That game that popped up on Steam a short time ago.

Sorry it is only shambles..

Haven't we had enough zombies already? Zombies are so 2006. I don't see why zombie games are so popular.

You dont see why Left 4 Dead is so popular?

You dont see why Left 4 Dead is so popular?

0x10c has offically been dropped and is no longer being worked on by notch or any of the Mojang team.

That's a game from 2008, its relevant to the comment I made. Why are Zombie games still popular? The zombie craze came in around 2006 what with movies and games. Don't you think it's time for a different business model than "Generic zombie apocalyptic first person shooter game"?

you'd like this.


That's an interesting take on the subject. Although, I'm still stumped to why people will pay x-amount of $ for a zombie first person shooter game. It's usually a run around copy of all the other zombie first person shooters that came before it.