Notable Android Games

I know the current state of the Mobile market is...well...crap, some would call it cancer itself. But I like to ask if there are any noteworthy games (does not need to be Free, and I am not a huge fan of Freemium anyways) that are on the Android platform. Another thing to is being ad free as well, too bad OCDC (Obsessive Compulsive Data Collecting) may be an issue still since chances are I may need Google Play Store.

Are there any Android games to recommend (they can have controller support too would be nice)

Well, I know it may not be what you had in mind, but I would just get a couple Gameboy Emulators and call it a day.

Pixel Dungeon

Deemo is quiet a good and relaxing game

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Well, I was thinking of going with SNES emulator and N64 emulators obviously, too bad that my Galaxy S5 is no where near powerful enough to take on Gamecube, not to mention the software ain't there.

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Haha, I was just playing that game today, I feel so unfamiliar with it now with all the updates.


Fallout Shelter is quite nice. After the last updates it actually have some gameplay. It have questing, battles, pets, crafting, a lot of nice features, that was not there on release.
Otherwise I am playing Starlink. I have been playing Starlink for the last 2 years. I will play Starlink probably until I change my smartphone, and then I will install it on the new one.
If we are talking paid, I love Tiny Tower. It is full on time waster and I love it.
Game Dev Story is also amazingly nice game.
Colosatron. OMG, I almost forgot Colosatron. It is soooo goood. You play a giant space snake made out of colorful tanks.

From an older post, same answer I have not played much in a while as my good phone is broke for now. So link to still standing good games from me.

Monument Valley
Hitman GO
Lara Croft GO
Angry Birds: Transformers (for the music)

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Lulz, Hitman: Global Offensive and Lara Croft Global Offensive, what's next, Pokemon Global Offense?


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Id say reigns(paid £3 something) is a good time waste really. I know it has a PC port but its really a mobile game IMO.
Another time waste falldown (free) but with little add interruption

Carmageddon is now free

A 12 year old's dream.

Heroes 3 is a classic ported to mobile. It's a little pricey for mobile and I think void of any of the DLC, but still a good game (personally, back in the day when I played Heroes 3 I didn't have any of the DLC then either, so this doesn't bother me)

Downwell is a pretty awesome platformer that was originally on PC.

One i remember is called radiant. A space ship shooter that didn't try to do too much with the controls.
The same group also made another game called Reaper that was pretty good. A simple action RPG.
Both of these have good controls and don't try to do too much with the touch screen.