Not sure what's wrong, but help appreciated

So my computer was working perfectly fine until about 20 minutes ago. All of a sudden, my Enter key wouldn't work, my 'c' key, when pressed, would also press the 'v' key...the middle click on my mouse stopped working and I couldn't track for more than a second until the mouse would stop moving.


Some mouse clicks would automatically open a new tab in my browser.


I tried restarting, and everything worked fine for maybe 3 minutes and then it came back. Before winter break, I had problems with my keyboard to the point that I almost bought a new one but then just as suddenly I stopped having any problems.


Is this something that could be caused by dust in the tower? Are they driver problems (although I haven't updated any drivers recently)? My computer is only 2 years old so it's hard for me to believe that I need to do a reinstall (which would be a huge pain what with classes starting).

Strange that it is both keyboard and mouse. If windows i would checkout device manager . Try borrowing another keyboard and mouse but first try plugging into different usb ports

I unplugged and plugged back in my mouse and keyboard. Also shut my computer down. I'm a bit afraid to turn it back on, I might just wait until tomorrow and hope that it clears it up. Unfortunately, I don't have access to another keyboard.

I had something similar to this happen while playing CS:GO. I believe the problem was by keyboard macros. I would recommend trying what fish said if your keyboard does not have macros. If you do not have an extra keyboard, your local thrift store should have a few keyboards for under $2 USD. If you go that route you may want to wear gloves when using that keyboard as it may be quite nasty.