Not really a helpful topic, but I no longer have a use for Windows

The biggest push for me to finally have no reason for Windows is that multiplayer games are filled with cheaters, which for a mostly above average person it’s unavoidable and there is no real way of stopping them, I quit playing MP games seriously around 1 year ago (CS was my main go to). CS2 is now overflowing with cheaters, so no use in playing that.

A month ago I was on Nobara and had no issues but I wanted to play BFV because it had an anti cheat update and it don;t work on Linux due to the anti-cheat.

So I went back to Windows 11.

My first things to download are as follows.

Startallisback (Own a license)

Kaspersky premium.

Mullvad VPN.



EA app.

Ubi app.

Loaded up BFV, all was great, until you still see a single cheater one tapping your entire team across the map… Anti-cheat?

I was bitter after that, I thought there was hope.

So after that because OK I can still use Windows, I decided to try other security protocols such as installing Portmaster, one which blocks all inbound and outbound Microsoft connections (Anti telemetry) And can also stop big tech from spying too.

Did that and it essentially broke using the VPN but also after uninstalling the entire Network system on Windows was broken.

After failing to get the network sorted out I clicked “Reset this PC” which would reinstall Windows, it got stuck at 62% for 5 hours.

I called it quits, stopped the process and just downloaded Nobara 39 KDE.

Wiped all drives into BTRFS. Installed hassle free.

My downloads were as follows:

Mullvad VPN.



I have done nothing but game since…

Finished Call of Cthulhu and got my butt a quarter of the way through A Plague Tale: Requiem.

No issues anywhere.

There is absolutely no need to use Windows unless you need it for niche work or your mind has not yet met the reality of the war on cheaters / suck / are cheating or getting paid to promote said games.

For the majority of people who wish to be sane, have backbone and want to be spied on less, Nobara is amazing.

Games that run better on Nobara than on Windows.

All UE4 engine games.

Shenmue III in particular for myself as it is the game I currently am playing that uses that engine, has noticeably less stutter.

I run a pretty decked out system.


32GB 3733mhz RAM

RX 7900 XT.


" @nottomclancy2439

9 months ago

I almost exclusively played online multiplayer competitive games for QUITE SOME TIME. Thousands of hours per game (mostly CS:S / CS:GO / BF2 / BF3 etc. , you name it.)

I completely stopped playing FPS and online PVP games altogether. I find myself mostly reading and watching videos in my free time, or going to the gym. Playing singleplayer games feels very wasteful to me… I can literally see how my time is being wasted while I play.

The only time this doesn’t happen is, if the game is REALLY good (like Elden RIng) or I am playing coop with at least one friend. Competitive Games are SO overrun with cheaters, that it’s almost a miracle if you get a legit match in let’s say CS:GO for example. 2015 it was more like “every 2/10 games there is maybe ONE cheater in the lobby (playing at the ~ 4 top ranks)” In 2023 it feels like every 1/10 games IS LEGIT, where ONE GUY MAY OR MAY NOT BE TOGGLING ON AND OFF xD And as soon as they start to get stomped they start cheating. It happens soooo often. A complete and utter waste of time to play on public servers.

Tarkov is a great example of a game that was pretty niche, not a lot of players were playing it back in 2018 / 2019 - Now it exploded in popularity and with that comes the HORDES of cheaters. Don’t even get me started on how that game is punishing as fuck in itself, has the WORST netcode of ALL games available right now. Has SO many bugs and is incredibly hard to get the hang of AND NOW ( it feels like to me) IN ALMOST EVERY LOBBY there might be at least ONE guy cheating Doesn’t feel good getting fucked for no other reason than “this guy has a program that wins him the game. gg”. It sucks to lose anyway, but if I lose, I wanna lose because I suck, not because I don’t cheat lol."

there will always be cheaters, in every game. this is not a windows or a linux problem.

just accept it as the nature of games. don’t tie your self-worth to your performance in a game. have fun and dont worry about the outcome

just let the windows dumspter fire burn.

welcome to linux, enjoy your freedom.

ps: bf4 works on linux via lutris


You are correct.

Whilst I do not fold easy to that description, I am in no power to change things myself.

So Linux is the great change I needed. Sometimes you have to look after number one instead of battling battles way too big for yourself.

Thank you by the way.

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I guess a better way to say what I was trying to say is just have fun and don’t worry about the outcome.

Theres so many coop games these days, why get stressed on competitive games when you can chill with buds (on linux).


Hot take, but I disagree…

In the ancient gaming past, there was an accessory called the Game Genie. It was a hardware hex editor and by directly changing values you could do things like give yourself unlimted money.

The industry tried to call it cheating and discourage them, but for gamers it added exponental replay value to games before the notion of “replay value” itself came around.

Modern “cheaters” are the exact same thing. Their gameplay style should be embraced as a legitimate play style and they should be matched to compete amongst themselves. Like modding and the cheat code magazines that Game Genie’s community created, botters should share their work with the community and developers to make the experience better for everybody that enjoys the game.

It is a failure of game developers to give people a sandbox when there’s clear demand for a sandbox. Charge them money to do it and let them.


agree. I like modding games.

I loved the action replay on gameboy advance sp. I eventually ended up with Ruby, Saphire and Emerald, Firered and leaf green and two gameboys and despite paying for all 5 games I still couldn’t get

  • mew
  • jirachi
  • doexsys

because they were locked behind ninendo events.

(not my setup in this pic), but this basically all the shit I had to buy just to get complete the national dex and get a star

Then they ran out of pokemon ideas in gen 4, and I also realized every game is the exact same and I lost interest in the series.

I have the right to modify my games that I purchase.

Minecraft was great BECAUSE of modders.
Skyrim was great BECAUSE of modders.


Had a similar experience with some titles in Wine or Proton.
Bugs that were present in Windows, stutters, performance issues, poof! Power of Tux!

Lutris is magic!


Minecraft being the perfect example of a sandbox.

Now their shift is to lock everything behind a cloud paywall of endless microtransactions. So you can pay for fake monopoly moneys for a game you will never own.

Buying skins is the same as buying NFT’s


Glad to hear that Linux is treating you better than Windows, @Mike1 . That was my experience when they started pushing 10 and telemetry.
I tried Linux again and that time everything mostly just worked better, plus it felt like documentation and support were more accessible when I needed help.

I recently switched to Nobara and I’m not going back to Red Hat any time soon, but I wanted to add to the “Linux plays it better” list in case you have this one;

I don’t need to explain how good Fallout New Vegas is or how crashy its engine can be, but playing it on Linux & Proton really changed the game for me. I can play for hours without having my immersion shattered by a stutter or freeze or crash, and the difference between that experience and playing the game on Windows is VAST.

If you have any of the Fallout or Elder Scrolls games, give them another shot on Proton with the available community patches.


I had a dedicated Win 11 machine last year to play multiplayer games and what do i got? Cheaters in multiplayer game, anticheat bordering on being malware itself.

Coop is still isnt ruined. We can play those in Linux.

Funny you should say that, at least I get a story out of single player games. Most games on multiplayer, I cant even remember :thinking:


Just adding more content to understand just how bad it is.

Also that singleplayer comment is not mine, I copy and pasted a YT comment that I felt made a good understanding of how out of hand it is with a sense of realism in their words.

And then slightly different…

The only game I need windows for any more is DCS world.

I’ve happily not turned on my windows gaming pc for 2 months and have been actually gaming 100% on Mac or ps5.

The flight sim gear is packed up in a box. I think I might retire the windows box to a dedicated sim pit and that’s the end of it.


Seriously keeping an eye on the last of the 2019 Intel Mac pros as a final Intel, windows compatible Mac desktop to pair with whatever MacBook I happen to run in the future.


Also yes.

For some older titles I’ve actually had more success running them via either wine under Linux or the app (name escapes me presently) for macOS that integrates the game porting toolkit into GOG downloads on macOS than running them under actual modern windows.


Have to run your own cloud and lab up a Minecraft server of your own.

Invite your buddies.


exactly! self-host++

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In fact I would argue that Skyrim wouldn’t have been as successful without mods because every Bethesda game has their own unofficial patch to fix all the bugs. "Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) " which really should just be incorporated into the game. Bethesda could compensate the modders for fixing their game.

Modders fix games and improve games all the time:


Im still sad halo infinite dropped local splitscreen.

I’d like to see coop, splitscreen and LAN gaming become more popular again.

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competitive multiplayer has always been shit tbqh.
it still works if you ignore matchmaking, but the problem is that a lot of games strongly discourage or even outright disallow such things.

if you have a friend group, you can still get a half dozen people together into some Unreal Tournament.

Gaming on linux is great, though. Still need to figure out how to get the late 90s era Frogger ports to work right, but most newer games “just work” perfectly fine.

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