Not Getting Screwed by a US Carrier

I will soon be visiting California (first time here) for two months, and will be needing cell service. I currently own a Nexus 5, so that rules out Verizon (CDMA). I've heard a lot of horror stories about U.S. carrier with hidden fees and the such. I personally do not use many minutes/SMS, but do use a lot of data.

I was considering getting the T-Mobile "Unlimited" $50/month plan. That should get me unlimited minutes and texts, and unthrottled 1 GB of mobile data, correct? There is no contract needed, right?

TBH, the plan sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch?

Thank you for your time,


With prepaid plans, you get what you expect most of the time. There's no contract. You only pay for the month that you want to use. 

You could go with T-mobile's $40/mth plan (its what I have), or you could try something like Ting. They utilize the Sprint network, but are their own company with some interesting "pay for what you use" policies.

AT&T's new family share plan is quite good when you 2+ phones!

I pay $105 a month for 2 phones and unlimited minutes,text, 10gb/month plan.

Phantom: That's reassuring.

kmcclry: I've taken a look at Ting. It seems that they use Sprint's CDMA network, which is incompatible with my phone. T-mobile's $40/$50 plan sounds good.

mafisometal: I only have one phone, so I cannot enroll in the family share plan. Thanks for the advise anyways.

I read criket has some plans you could look at...


I use a T-Mobile mvno called Solavei. I like it a lot. Unlimited data, voice, and texting for about 45. If you refer someone, your phone bill goes down by 5 bucks. I already have two people so that's 10 bucks off my phone bill. The bad thing about it is the data coverage. Its no way near the stuff that ATT, Verzion, and Sprint have but it is unlimited.