Normal temps for 670 Direct CUII?

Just wondering if these temperatures, speeds etc seem normal, as I feel the temperature seems to get a bit high:

I have only been playing DayZ, yet achieved:

  • 99% GPU load
  • 1162.7MHz max clock speed
  • 76C max temp
  • 57% max fan speed

This is all according to GPU-Z, which was running in the background whilst I was playing.

According to Nvidea's website:

The official max operating temp of GTX 670 is 97°c. So I'd say your card is within a more than adequate max load temperature. I think that seems to be the target load temps of the Direct CUII cooling system anyway since my Asus HD 7970 Direct CUII maxes out 75°c at max load (@ stock speeds of 925mhz core/5500mhz memory). I've since moved up from those clock speeds so to maintain 70-75°c I've changed the maximum fan speed to 60+%.

Ah great - didn't know that. Thanks!