So I downgraded from iOS 7.1.2 to iOS 8.1 on my 16gb iPad Air, and please do not try and convince that for whatever reason this was an upgrade. It wasn't. Yay! Apple Pay, and crappy buggy third party keyboards of which don't even affect iPad users! I want an OS that works not one that I have to worry about crashing. That's why I received a grant for an iPad in the first place. Apps have been crashing out the wazoo for the  past two weeks I've been on the update. These include Spotify, Youtube, Notability, Feedly, Steam, and Flipboard. Worst of it all is taht when I find the solution on how to upgrade (see what I did there) to iOS 7.1.2, I cant, because for whatever reason Apple doesn't sign the images anymore. This sucks, wait no, really sucks. I use my iPad for most of my work, I give Apple $600 for a machine that three months later despite the power of its 64bit beast cant even run the Steam app. Wow. That's innovation right there Apple. Perfect specs, used to have a near perfect OS, stunning display, but crashes more than Windows... If anyone knows how I can go from iOS 8.1 to 7.1.2 without a signed image I'd greatly appreciate it. Fixes would also help. Thank you guys for your time.

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Reason why I backed up the signing procedure so if I ever accidentally upgraded my ipods os I could go back to an older version with my own server. Sadly I dont think you can do that anymore. Havent used my ipd in years. For good reason.

Makes sense. Android has its quirks in terms of OS releases, but it's nothing like this.

Soo. Most of my apps are crashing. It seems as if every non Apple app is crashing, but yet Chrome runs... I tried backing up, restoring and installing the apps one by one, nothing. Could it be a corrupt install or would iTunes fix this? If I download the iPads firmware and re flash it could this stop my issue? Or am I going to have to wait for iOS 8.2 (not really an option). If so, I might have to take this back to the Apple Store. It's only covered by the limited warranty so I have no idea if they'll replace it, or give me crappy refurb.

It was running like a beast on 7.1.2... Thanks Apple for making my experience worse. I payed for a lot of my apps, but yet can't open them. Classic.

OK guys... Those of you in the same situation... you're not going to be happy. I was curious as if my install of iOS 8.1 was corrupt so I downloaded the latest .ipsw from Redmond. I then flashed this on my device with iTunes, set up my account, downloaded Youtube as a benchmark, and guess what? Nothing, absolutely nothing had changed despite being the latest released image, fully restoring my device, but the thing pisses me off the most is my device ran FINE on iOS 7.1.2. It had never crashed until this BS innovation called iOS 8. Worst part? I don't think I can downgrade. I mean I'll try, but if the images are no longer singed I doubt I can.

I'm going to wait this one out. iOS 8.1.1 is supposedly coming soon.

Android has quirks, yes, but it is much more community-based than iOS, leaving a more refined product at the offical release. Plus, 99% of Android devices are rootable, from which you can install CWM and enjoy backups and custom ROM's galore. This is why I'd never purchase an iPhone. Look at the price difference.

Yes Apple's devices are generally well constructed *cough* iPhone 6 bending and extruding camera *cough*, but their benefits are nothing compared to the countless benefits of an Android based device.