Noob trying to oc cpu

hey tek users im competely new to pc gaming and want to try ocing my amd phenom 955 black edition... i have this mobo can i oc with this with no issues or buy another mobo that will fit ocing better??? fill free to add me on steam thaxmessiahx my id to help me out better... thanks to all that helps 

I think there will be no problems. Talking about OC, the motherboard isn't the most important part, it only gives better support and a longer lifetime, that with this case will be just fine unless you go for some crazy high overclock.

you could do a light overclock on stock voltage as long as you got a good cpu cooler but if you really want to push the oc get a new board.  But if you are new to overclocking just try a simple overclock to like 3.7 ghz.  Really the a new mother board is just going to bring you from like 3.7 to mabe like 4.2 at max.