Non-Mechanical keyboards

What is your favorite non-mechanical keyboard? Mine is the Logitech K350. Its quiet and nice to use, but longer gaming sessions or lab stuff (I have a few servers running stuff for testing) it. So I’m on the look out for something new, but just about any keyboard these days seems to be mechanical. So does anyone have any keyboard that they can recommend?
I live in norway btw, so all your suggestions might not be available here, but come with them anyway.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Apple keyboard is great but as a Windows/Linux user the layout pisses me off no end. The feel is great and is almost worth the funky Apple layout.

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

There is a look alike keyboard from Microsoft but I have not used it so I can’t comment about typing feel. It sure does look the part.

Surface Keyboard

My current keyboard is mechanical but what most thing of as it’s an IBM Model M2 from 1992.

I remember the IBM keyboards, as long as you worked through the pain they where a delight to work with.

I probably should have mentioned that because of my tinnitus I find most (if not all) mechanical keyboards grating the inside of my brain these days, thats kind of why I threw this question out there.

Logitech K740 owner here. I just love Logitech’s PerfectStroke keys.


I have a second one on standby, just in case this one dies after Logitech stops making it.

Logitech K380 definitely. I use it with my phone, my tablet occasionally and it’s satisfying enough for a membrane keyboard to type on. Very crisp and not a lot of squishiness.

Of all the keyboards I have ever used bit mechanical and non mechanical, the best one and my favourite to use is the Cooler Master Devastator.
It’s an old model and usually comes packed with an atrocious mouse. But I love the keyboard. I love typing on it, I love gaming on it…
I am currently using in instead of my mechanical one just because it feels better…

Not a huge authority on keyboards though. But thought I can give you my 2c…

Cherry KC4000

The only problem I have with it is the positioning of Crtl and Fn key. They need to be swapped.

I kind of liked the Olivetti ANK 27-102:

I don’t use it much anymore because the one I have is AZERTY and I switched to QWERTY full time a long time ago (after a stint with Dvorak)

I also quite liked the Sun Type 6 keyboard I have (which really needs a clean, so I’ll just link to one on the web):

One of the biggest drawbacks is the size, as one might guess.

Though while both of them still see occasional use I haven’t really used them seriously in a long while.

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