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Non-incompetech songs thread



Since my findings were deleted on the threads of the actual videos, here are some non-incompetech songs Wendell has used from the YouTube Audio Library:

Wendell has been preaching incompetech for a while but recently some songs have been taken from the YouTube Audio Library:

The first mellow organ one you may have heard is this one:

Rhodesia by Twin Musicom: (Creative Commons Attribution license)

Another one that has a good beat is this one:

Hanging Out by Bruno E. (Exclusive to YouTube Audio Library)

From the Recent @eposvox video:

“Sleeplessness” by The Brothers Records (Exclusive to YouTube Audio Library)

From the AMD vs Intel “which CPU should you buy” Q3/Q4 2017 video:

“Love Struck” by E’s Jammy Jams (Exclusive to YouTube Audio Library, same artist as the BG music in Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy)

Those are the major non-incompetech songs so far.

“Rhodesia” actually requires different Creative Commons attribution than the incompetech attribution at the end of the copy/paste for each video. The rest seem to be CC0, so no worries for those songs.

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