Non-incompetech songs thread

Since my findings were deleted on the threads of the actual videos, here are some non-incompetech songs Wendell has used from the YouTube Audio Library:

Wendell has been preaching incompetech for a while but recently some songs have been taken from the YouTube Audio Library:

The first mellow organ one you may have heard is this one:

Rhodesia by Twin Musicom: (Creative Commons Attribution license)

Another one that has a good beat is this one:

Hanging Out by Bruno E. (Exclusive to YouTube Audio Library)

From the Recent @eposvox video:

“Sleeplessness” by The Brothers Records (Exclusive to YouTube Audio Library)

From the AMD vs Intel “which CPU should you buy” Q3/Q4 2017 video:

“Love Struck” by E’s Jammy Jams (Exclusive to YouTube Audio Library, same artist as the BG music in Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy)

Those are the major non-incompetech songs so far.

“Rhodesia” actually requires different Creative Commons attribution than the incompetech attribution at the end of the copy/paste for each video. The rest seem to be CC0, so no worries for those songs.

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2 weeks

Okay, I said this was the NON-incompetech thread, but this one can throw people off:

The Creative Commons Attribution is "Acid Trumpet"

The filename though is "Acidjazz"

YouTube’s Audio Library calls it "Acid Jazz"

If you ask me, the different names would make this hard to attribute!

This was in the Mtech monitor review.

The System76 review is another tricky one because the song starts at the beginning of the video and Wendell has VO over the song, but it’s another incompetech song:

"Basement Floor"

If you like this style, some other popular sub-genres you can look into are trip-hop and downtempo. A classic example would be Mark Farina’s “Mushroom Jazz” series, but those have an extra bit of R&B influence as well.

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The song from the LTX video is “So Lit” by Max McFerren

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