Non-Gaming Suggested Monitors?

I'm not quite sure what im looking for, but what i think im looking for is a monitor that doesnt really have to have those quick response times you see in TN panels because i already have a monitor for gaming(although i guess t would still be nice to have). What im searching for are monitors that have nice picture and are pleasant to look at for extended periods of time looking at say text and flipping though windows frequently. The thing is im not aware of how much of a difference you get from monitor to monitor, from tn panels to ips, to hybrids and ect.

From the hours of research i have come up with these monitors. I included different sizes because im not sure if i want 1 large monitor to try and user my other monitors, or get a new 24" and upgrade to another 24" if the first one worked very well. 

Since there are quite a few people who rave about the whole korean monitors i included this one that i thought could be nice considering the price too. however the downside is that the stand is absolute crap, this can be upgraded but then i would be paying close to $400 which is to much.

The next monitor i was looking @ was the Dell UltraSharp U2412M which seems to be highly regarded in the programming. Its cheaper but more reliable, a 16:10 aspect ratio which could be good or bad, ips, dell which seems to be good in the monitor area, more ports, more likely to go on sale and has a much better stand

The ASUS PA248Q also looked very interesting and popped up as being a very cost effective ips that seems close in comparison of the dell U2412m but with maybe a better stand and response time? Another plus was i heard it was used in gaming circles which is a nice side benefit and the focus i see this monitor is in graphic design were color is very important but im not sure how relevant that would be as that is something i dont do.

The last monitor was a recommendation and is there as a fallback plan if i want to cheap out.

Anyone have any other suggestions, tips, or what to look for?


Korean 27" Monitors

24" Monitors

Cheap 24" Monitors

If you're looking for bang for your buck there's a 21.5" inch IPS monitor from AOC at $119

Otherwise why go for 24" at 1080p? It would make the image less sharp, though the stands they come with seem to have more options, you could just get a monitor mount with the money saved.

 16:10 IMO, doesn't seem worth it with the 1440p monitors so close in the price range.

If you end up going korean go for a pixel perfect model, but I'm personally saving my money in the hopes that the new seiki VA 4K monitors are decent and relatively low priced, it'll be a bigger jump than 1080p to 1440p