non-DCH drivers for newer GPUs?

Is there a way to just retrieve and install core graphics drivers for newer drivers featuring newer GPU support, but your operating system doesn’t support UWP? (ReviOS, Atlas OS, Windows AME)

If this is a pipe dream, we are REALLY in trouble with EAC banning VMs.

Only evidence I’ve found to the 6800 XT working with 22.x.x Adrenalin drivers on AME is here:

But who knows… This could have been installing the driver without running the ameliorate scripts, then running them. I have yet to confirm this is from the provided AME image.

just download the driver from and install it. That’s all I ever do and everything runs fine.

Huh, so the AMD installer is smart enough to tell whether an install is to a DCH supporting system or not? That’s what I need confirmation on. How does the AMD installer behave on a normal Windows 10 vs one with the UWP support completely removed?

the old manual installer way is the only way to install Non-WHQL drivers drive Nvidia’s Beta and AMD’s Optional or Pro drivers.

Well, there needs to be a comprehensive test of this on Windows versions without UWP and that’s just not possible unless people are using the latest GPUs and actively testing and reporting.

“It’s just as simple as installing it.”

Then why don’t people report it as such on Windows versions with UWP removed? AMD specifically.

I need more insight into how the installer works and a breakdown on if there are differences between WHQL and non-WHQL optional Adrenalin drivers.

Unbelievably frustrating dealing with “simple” answers with no evidence.

I may get a RX 6400 and overpay for it just to find out if nobody else wants to go through the effort.

Edit: Confirmed with him that he installed from the pre-packaged ISO, a good sign, but his rude response is triggering me.

just install the damn drivers and see for yourself instead of trying to interrogate someone on the internet to document a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

Well, we need more people to confirm that don’t we? Nobody here is going to do it. So you’re willing to have me spend double what a low end GPU is going to cost to go ahead and test this? While everything is hyperinflated?

Where’s your evidence to back up a rude insult like that?

You’re basically forcing me to buy a GPU to prove myself wrong. Lack of information on Google is precisely why I’m making these threads and seeking evidence before being forced to do a purchase to find out and report myself.

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