Non Constant FPS Drop?

So i just want to make this a nice, short question.

I'm just wondering what this is, and what could be causing it... In games like Metro 2033 and other high-end graphics games, my fps seems to be dropping quite a lot, then immediately back up! in a more recent game that i've tried which is Outlast maxed out, when i start the game my fps like halves, then goes right back up, it does that a few times when i start my game.

You can check my PC specs out on my profile, not extremely detailed but it'll tell you what i have :)

Anyway, one more thing. This couldn't be a bottleneck, right? because it's not at all a constant low fps, just a drop then right back up. So it's really bugging me and im sure my computer can handle these games. And im pretty damn positive my temps with everything are completely fine as well.

Feel free to any questions because this is not an extremely detailed report of this problem that i've wrote out above.

Thanks in advance for the help and replies :D

I have this problem ocassionally, I know it stems from the compatibility of my gpu with my mobo(660ti), try restarting your pc when you notice the fps drops, this usually helps for me and completely stops them, this is of course a temporary solution till i get a new motherboard. Also in my case this happens when i press more than one key at a time, while trying to navigate through the world, I even have this problem on older games such as morrowind and oblivion(700+ fps then drops to 0 when i hit 2 keys)

Are you sure about the temps? How long does the drop last? It sounds like your gpu is downclocking to cool down then resuming normal speeds. 

temps hover aroudn 60 c when gaming and never over that, it is a dual fan solution, and that 60c mark is only because of my overclock on the card, i have really low ambients so overheating is an impossibility, i have a heat monitor in evga precision x and dont notice clocks dropping. I have issues with my motherboard detecting my gpu. Also as a good example my cpu gets only to about 45 under load in game and benchmarking.

Proof of temps:

and also it only happens when i press more than one key, its completely random. my computer could be on for a month and not do it and then it could be on for 1 hour and then it would drop fps in game on keypress. 

And also a word to the person who started the topic it may be a bottleneck between your cpu and gpu. an i3 in most respects was never meant for gaming, upgrade to an i5 or any other quad core of your choice, 2 cores really isnt enough to game with.

turn your power target all the way up it may be taking too much power in intensive senses and slowing down your card.  Also depending on your cpu you could just be limited by that sometimes.

ive never seen my power taget go over 105% back when i had my card at 118%power target with a 250 Mhz boost to the core and a 350Mhz memory boost. I have an fx-8350(soon to be at 5.0Ghz) so that isnt where the problem is, i have seen consistent problems with my msi 990fx GD80 with this specific card on other wesites(such as toms hardware)