Noise cancelling headphones, HELP!

Best noise cancelling headphones or best value?

It will depend on your budget if you just looking for a none name brand these might fit the bill.

Thanks but i was looking for something a bit more higher end.

These aren't noise canceling, but when have anything playing with them on I can't hear anything else in the room, but it might be different in your environment.

Also you should give a budget so people know what price point to pick.

I would have to second the M50x I have a pair my self and I used them when flying to Japan and it cut out about 80% of the noise in the cabin.

The m50's aren't bad but their pads are awful. If you do buy them make sure to buy a pair of Brainwavz hm5 pads. Any of them will do.

thanks for all the replies and good suggestion for the m50x but my brother owns them and i have tried them out but they just cut out enough, btw i need these for long car trip and i dont know how many you guy have been on but road noise is pretty dam loud.

hey Prague do you know if the brainwavz block more noise

The pads I don't believe block out more noise. They just make is considerably more comfortable and give a better sound.

not to hijack the thread but are those open cans? i mean it spills out your music to others? I've been trying to looking for noise cancelling and also 0 noise leakage like those old headphones where you can have it full blast and your neighbor doesn't hear anything.

The m50x don't leak much in my experience.

If you don't mind a wee bit o penetration, the etymotic er 4s are good noise blockers and sound lovely imo.