NodeJS, Music streaming from folder?

So I have this idea, since Spotify is blocked in my country and I have to resort to VPNs and stuff like that, which is quite annoying, to create my own streaming service since i have over 1.5TB music on my disc and it would be a waste to not use it i think.

So is it possible to create a streaming with NodeJS or if not with node maybe Ruby? Has anyone some experience with this? I know how to get file on the frontend but the backend stuff is a bit confusing for me, my idea is to deploy it on my raspberry as a streaming server.

I know that there are some streaming OS-es for raspberry but that is not the point, I want to hack together something on my own.

So, thanks in advance!

There's at least one or two solutions in that list that would probably fit your needs, but i haven't used them because streaming from my server at home would impact my bandwidth limit (Fuck you Comcast.)


Well, Im the only one using the internet at home, so I think when Im remotely streaming, it wouldn't have any impact on anyone, thanks for the link!