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Noctua air cooler for EPYC in the pipeline

So, as I’m building an EPYC workstation broadly similar to the LinusTechTips ‘Fake Mac Pro’ in the Dune Pro case, I’ve been looking at different cooling solutions.

Due to the fact that the CPU and RAM slots on EPYC motherboards are oriented 90 degrees compared to Threadripper boards, most air coolers won’t work unless you have a case with top ventilation. The Dune Pro only has front-to-back airflow with a bottom intake for the power supply cooling (under a shroud).

I was investigating water cooling options - it gets complicated and expensive quickly, and for my needs it’s probably overkill (DAW / audio use, not overclocked, basic graphics).

So, I wrote to Noctua to ask if they had any idea about how to mount one of their coolers, or if they had a product that could be mounted 90 degrees with different brackets, etc.

Today, their support person Emanuel wrote back to say they were working on a solution that would be available in about 3 months - apparently a new bracket that will work with their 3647 series coolers, normally intended for 4U Xeon rack servers - the base plate is sized for LGA3647 which is broadly the same size as EPYC/TR so should transfer heat effectively. Xeon server boards have the same horizontal CPU orientation as EPYC boards, so it seems a natural fit.

Specifically, he mentioned the NH-D9-DX-3647 bundle (dual fan cooler) as being sized to fit inside the Dune Pro case, which has a hard limit of 160mm.

So, for anyone planning an EPYC workstation build and wants a quiet air cooling solution, it looks like Noctua will have us covered. :smiley:



Offering a solution like this must mean Noctua senses a market for homemade Epyc systems.

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I’d totally buy one if they made a 1U.

Currently, the only offerings are between Dynatron and hot trash.

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They do make one of those shallow “fan on the cpu” coolers for servers, but not sure for which cpus.

I don’t think it will be a niche for long. These newer workstation boards (Rome D8-2T) are clearly not for dense 1u server use, with pci 4 and Usb 3.2 and 7 pcie slots, it’s at least a 4U if racked and a big tower if not. To me it’s aiming at the higher end, pro/prosumer HEDT market.

Yeah the LH ones I think but those do like 65W tops and Epyc goes up to 150W so that’s a no go.

Nobody in their right mind does 4U. At most they do 2U due to HEDT chips. For strictly HPC/density most will opt for 1U because they are 2 socket so you can fit 4 sockets in a total of 2U. Since there are no quad socket 2U that makes double 1U the logical choice.