No TrueNAS 12.0 ip address gui showing on home network

Just built home server( asrock rack x470d4u2-2t, r7 3800x, 2x16GB 3200 nonecc ram, 5x4TG SATA, a 250GB sata ssd, 1TB 3.0x4 m.2 NVMe in pciex slot 6(gpu slot). Accesed the bmc panel on lan. Then installed TrueNAS 12.0. Got the panel up on my lan and discovered there is no installation wizard as in all the freenas videos I watched. So I applied the same static address that my router had given it. Created my RAIDZ2 pool, then shut the system down for the night. The next day, I couldn’t access Truenas. The ip address didn’t appear when I scanned for it though the mobo controller did appear but I can’t access it either. I gave up and reinstalled Truenas expecting the router DNS to see it but no luck. I don’t if it’s mobo settings or what? The system is connected to a monito and keyboard so I guess I have access to the command line.

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if you look at console of the the homeserver, and it booted up Freenas/Truenas. You should see a menu with choices and at the bottom of that the ip adress that you can use to access the gui.