No signal/freezing problem

Not entirely sure if this should go here, so I apologize if this is in the wrong area. Lately my computer has been "freezing" when it makes it self sleep. I'll wake it up and it will give me no signal. I have to hold the power button and turn it off. Then it will load up and get to the windows loading screen, but once that screen goes away I get no signal again. I then have to hold the power button, boot it up, and the black and white screen pops up (where it would normally opt you to boot windows normally or into safe mode) but it offers to start windows regularly or to delete back up and start windows. (I think that's what it says, I can't 100% remember exactly what it says). What could this be? I can't find anything from a google search.

Run a linux live distro off a usb. <click here for instructions> .. Remember to change your boot order in the bios. If that works and the system doesnt shit itself you have a corrupt windows install. In that case - try a repair (windows disc - startup repair), then clean your windows partition of any nasties and/or backup anything important and re-install windows completely.

If you cant boot off a linux usb (or bootable dvd) then you have a hardware issue - ram, motherboard etc etc. It'll be a process of elimination and will best be done via a donor pc. 

its seems its taken care of its self. I went to start it up, got a screen that says my pc has been booting bad and if I would allow it to scan for corrupt data. I let it and it seems I had some corrupt data. All seems fixed.