No scoping [pointless]

Ok i know by definition using your cross-hairs is still a no scope, but is it really?

I got into a huge argument with a friend over this. He professed that a no scope is still valid if you use your cross-hairs. He said that people who play halo say no scoped all the time. Like as if that really shows skill.

But I say in games like Cod4 [hardcore mode] or gears of war, a no scope is a shot without a cross-hair and is more skillful then one with a cross-hair. Otherwise it's just like every other kill with a gun that has a cross-hair.

Idk when do you consider "no scoped nigga" to be appropriate, with or without cross-hair?

I totally agree... with a crosshair it's as if it's any difference from shooting a normal gun amiright? Without crosshair shows waaay more skill then with a crosshair.

No scope is sniper only. like boooooom headshot noscope scout css...
because sniper is a weapon where you HAVE to use the scope.. any other weapon shoots pretty good without "aim", and normal not-snipers got HUD crosshair

No scope is using nothing to assist you in aiming, Crosshairs is a type of aim assist.

Tell your friend hes a dickhead LOL

your friend be so wrong


A telescopic sight, commonly called a scope, is a device used to give additional accuracy using a point of aim for firearms, airguns and crossbows.

Other sighting systems are iron sights, reflex sights, and laser sights

Laser Sights

A crosshair is nothing more than a laser in the middle of your screen showing you where your gun is aiming at while in hipfire.

If you want to no scope, play Killing Floor. If you want to be a shitty, play with crosshairs on.



anyone who thinks noscoping with a crosshair is a halo shitty

Haha does your mate think the world is flat?

apparently everybody who plays halo does

tecnicaly a cross hair is to help you aim, so i dont think thats a skillful noscope, although i can no scope just fine without, although, imo no scoping is stupid cause in 1/2 the games bullets come out of the gun diagonal if you dont scope...

i voted with because i really dont think it matters

in CSS the awp will fucking hit the ground in front of you if you dont scope.

if that doesnt take skill... i dont know what does...