No power when 4x4 is plugged

I just finished my new rig, and I powered it on, but there was no video signal. I cracked it open and realized I forgot the 4x4 on the mobo. I plugged that in and then there was ABSOLUTELY no power. Minus the GPU light, which was green. When I unplug the 4x4, all of my fans kick on and everything seems to work, except no video. I'm at a loss. Advice, tekkies?

Do you mean the EPS or the P4 power connector? It may mean that you have a bad capacitor, or you might have the wrong connector, as the 8-pin EPS looks suspiciously like the 8-pin PCI-e connector. It's really not that difficult to force the wrong one into the plug. I've messed with an old motherboard that had a similar symptom, and it had a couple of slightly bulged, aka dead or dying capacitors. If that is the case, it is possible to de-solder them and replace them, but it might still be a lost cause, or it could be indicative of other component failures that have caused the capacitors to go.