No podcast?

Last week’s podcast still hasn’t dropped for me. Anyone else having trouble (I’m trying two different apps)?

Same here. Normally my phone downloads it on Tuesday morning so I can listen to it on my way to work.
Today … nothing. I manually refreshed my pod feeds half an hour ago and it still wasn’t available.

It’s looking like you have to download the mp3 file from the video page on the level 1 site. If you go to the episode you want and scroll to the bottom of the page the mp3 link is there.

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Hmm … looks like the last one in my feed was sept 19th, so I missed last week’s episode too. Probably didn’t notice that because I had the day off and watched the video instead.

So … what’s going on with the podcasts @wendell ?

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Shameless plug alert!

I’ve got a podcast you could listen to in the mean time, I’d be willing to DM you the link if you’re interested :slight_smile: (or post it here if there’s 3 likes or more on this reply)

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Podcast fixed? YouTube doesn’t always add to the right playlist


I just did a manual check (my phone only checks in the morning) and now I do indeed get the podcast.

Thank you!

The podcast feed still only has podcasts up to September 11th. Also the audio files seem to be slightly malformed, it plays fine in VLC (desktop and mobile), but they refuse to play in Foobar2000 (desktop), in my podcast app, Antennapod, they play but with seeking completely unfunctional (which means if I pause the podcast long enough for my phone to put it out of memory, I have to start from the beginning)