No-IP vs static IP

Hi guys, i have a question.
I don't have any internet service just yet, I'm currently shopping.

market in my area is:
WOW! 500-Mbps down 50-Mbps up for $60 a month 2year
WOW! 100-Mbps down 10-Mbps up for $40 a month 2year
Xfinity 75-MBPS down 10-Mbps up for $40 a month 2year

Would something Like No-IP work for a gaming server? (Halo2 or more demanding games)

if it would id be 100% ok with WOW! 100-Mbps down 10-Mbps up for $40 a month 2year
really i would like to haggle for 100down 50 up for $40/mo or 50down 30up for $30 but these companies have a pretty tight grip on the area. so i dont think its possible.

but if i need a static IP the prices more than triples

@wendell occasionally talks about a pass through type thing you can do with a hosting serveice. would this be possible or would the middle man just bottelneck the whole thing?

You can use no-ip or any other DDNS service and it should work fine for game servers. Really it's only things like email that need a static IP otherwise emails sent from that server can get flagged as spam. Using some kind of VPN to a VPS to act as the static IP will add latency to the system, which for a game server is less than ideal, in that case you're better off running the game server on the VPS.


Sure use No-IP. To be honest I think it's much more secure than having a static IP because with No-IP you can keep your server reachable at the same address but everything else that connects through your connection is switching IP so you can't be DDoSed for that long, for example.
I'm not sure about this but you might have some lag spikes on IP change. Check elsewhere to make sure about this thing.

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okay, thanks guys =)