No display on newly installed 390, switched from NVIDIA

Hey all,

I'm a bit stumped with this one. I recently picked up a 390 to upgrade from my 760, swapped it in and got everything working fine in Windows.

When I first booted into my Antergos/Arch install, I was able to log in, then started getting a lovely graphical glitch show after a minute or two in both XFCE and the tty consoles. Since I didn't do any driver configuration before installing it (I'm an idiot for that, I know) I figured it was because I didn't have any AMD drivers.

After hooking up my Intel graphics, booting, then plugging in a second monitor into the 390, I was able to see clearly again to get to work with troubleshooting. I installed the open source AMD drivers, then uninstalled the open-source NVIDIA drivers I was using.

One reboot later, everything was alright. That is until I switched on the second monitor in XFCE, having both run off the 390. A few seconds later, I received another rendition of my lovely glitch show.

Every time I boot now, I'm greeted with a black screen and can't even get a console up.

tl;dr - Switched from green to red, switched graphics drivers, can't see a damn thing in Antergos/Arch

Any ideas on where I should go from here?

No ideas? I'll update if I find a fix.

If your system has an additional driver option, you should be able to switch that to the driver of your choice for the card. So try using the monitor that works and switch the drivers out that way. Then plug in the secondary monitor. I'm no linux expert by any means. Just going off of my experiences. Somebody feel free to correct me if I'm wrong

When ever I swap GPU types I reset windows to make sure everything from the old driver company is gone


well you could try the old nomodeset thing:

Just press 'e' when you hit grub, then add 'nomodeset' after 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX='

after if you boot update your GPU drivers

I'll give that a shot next time I have a moment to mess with it. Final week of class is keeping me busy enough, unfortunately.

Thanks for the suggestion.

If you can get it to boot to Windows again, honestly just back up what's important and do a clean install of Windows. Much less headaches

This is a Linux problem not windows?

My bad apparently I can't read today

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