Niresh OSX Bootloader Help

I run OSX on my laptop. Solid environment, doesn't knock around too often, curated updates, hacked enough I can secure it as needed. I'm not going to argue about it (got a few iffy messages from a newby <,< meh.)

So whatever. I have OSX Niresh Mavericks on the machine. If Niresh himself is a sketchy guy I can probably make this more secure and remove the webcam mic dingus. Its shitty anyways :P

I need to know a common useable bootloader I will be able to use. GRUB has absolutely 0 clue what the hell its supposed to do with OSX. I know clover, iboot (doesn't work), and chameleon which is supposedly installed but ONLY talks to the install USB to boot. Is there something else I should use? I would just use the USB to boot but I would like something more permanent and stable. At that the USB is the only one I have spare :/ annoying. Oh well.

Thanks guys.

Edit: Is there an OSX like EFI I can flash to the machine? Its an Asus ROG G50VT-X5. I doubt something like that exists but maybe.


I am still looking into this. I saw this about 3 days ago, and I am still playing around.

I know for a fact that all three boot loaders actually work. I have never had to force them to work either.

The difference is I am using individual drives for each OS. And I am also using opensuse tumbleweed which will automatically configure grub so that I do not have to mess around with it.

I think niresh is actually the main problem here, but I could be mistaken.

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