Nintendo - Patents Gameboy Emulation on Mobile Devices

So Nintendo has Signed a Patent for Gameboy and their Older Consoles Emulation on Mobile Devices.

In other words, Those Apps you are using on Android to emulate old games like, Pokemon Emerald, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Zero Mission and Super Mario, may be taken down or removed off the Google Play Store. this is a good and bad thing for Emulation as a WHOLE.

Why you may ask? because consider this,

THE GOOD that can come from all of this

  • Nintendo can make and port ACTUAL copies of their games to Android, and Other Console Makers like, Sony or Microsoft could possibly follow through with this as well, [File Patents for their own Games on Mobile Devices] if Sony has done this Originally and made their PSVita games on Android and maybe just developed a android handheld gaming console. i think they would of done a-little better, especially as of late after they got caught with their pants down and now has to pay Owners of PSVita money for False Advertisement. [if you don't know what happened, Sony Advertised the PSVita can Cross-play all their games with the PS3 and PS4 consoles, and can use remote play, but in most cases this didn't work, and 3G models of the Vita that were claimed to be able to game online from basically anywhere didn't actually work either. yes Sony did this first, Nvidia weren't the first to advertise Remote play and Gaming from anywhere as long as you had the the Connection for this with their Shield Products]

THE BAD that can come from all of this

  • Nintendo can try to resell you the games you already own, which its not a bad thing if you didn't own them to begin with, but it is not necessarily a good thing either. and Sony, Microsoft and Sega (if you owned their console games back then) could follow through with this as well too. [file patents where only they can produce the technology to Emulate THEIR Games.]
  • Nintendo just wants to be assholes and just remove the emulation off the market so they can just resell you the games you own on their platform instead of choosing what ever device YOU want to use.


Thoughts on this? cause i myself am a bit skeptical about this.

also Source is here

Huh. Emulators will be available as apk files forever so they can't completely cut it off without forcing Google to modify their version of the Linux Kernel to deny virtualization of which Google will never do. I think it's a little crappy if you own the game. Man, patents suck =)




Well Nintendo is bleeding money and can't really come up with any good ideas on their own so looks like they are going to use patents to try and save their business. First YouTube videos now this shit...

IDK I don't care too much because I never idolized Nintendo like so many people do and most of their games are kinda crap IMO. Still a shame tho

well i mean they can take it off the store, that is something they can do. also if a group of people make an emulator there's a chance they can get sued. thats one con. that CAN happen. if anyone Nintendo would be the first to do it, they aren't really that amazing as we think they are they just make good games. i mean people made YouTube videos promoting their games and they sent out take down notices, like "nintendo wtf are you doing?"

same here they just made good games, that's how i look at them, i never myself idolized them either. i've noticed people seem to ignore the dumb shit Nintendo does sometimes. like the youtube take-down notices, or the Release of the Wii-Mini a couple of years back that DOESN'T have internet access which is what the console needs.

Yeah Nintendo has been constantly making mistakes for years now and everyone seems blind to it.

The Wii U, the dozens of DS rebrands and tweaks, the constant rereleasing of basically the same game again and again...

Nostalgia is all that is keeping them afloat at this point and even that is starting to dry up. I think they just posted a 46 billion+  Yen loss this year.

Sometimes nostalgia is enough :). But no, Nintendo will see their unfortunate demise. I will admit, I'd take a Wii U over a PS4 or Xbone... Why get them when most of their titles are on PC?

Depends if they'll go through because im just partially thinking they're doing this so they can kick the GB emulators off the play store

It'll be nice to see a good homebrew site for android that does not rely on Google. in the end Nintendo will die unless they make a gaming console that is better than the xbone or ps4.

I highly doubt nintendo will ever port anything to ios or android. If they did it would make their own hardware completely irrelevant and nintendo makes a sh*t ton of money of hand helds. The original 3ds was marked up almost $150 with a bill of materials around $100. I realise there are other costs involved, but they still make alot of coin of  hand helds. Which would be the type of games they would be putting on other platforms.

 Nintendo truly is on a slippery slope. I for one have absolutely no sympathy for them. They have been digging their own grave for a while with gimmicky\underpowered hardware. Really there is no excuse why they can't launch something that isn't nee capped only because they want to squeeze every penny of profit from it. I want nintendo to survive but they really need to get their shit together.