Ninja gaiden sigma 2

I can not what for this game it looks awesome anybody downloaded the demo yet.

There is also Six Axis jiggle LOL.

not me

dont really like it...


nah im not a big fan of hack'n'slash, dont mind some of em but theyre not my favorite genre

Sony doesn't need this shit. They have God of War, which is far superior. Wait for that.

seems like a decent hack n slash
but I wouldn't be able to play it

I cant focus on the enemies with a character with such amazing bouncing breasts

The NINJA GAIDEN sires is awesome it dates back to the 1980's on Nintendo and was one of the first games to have FMV cut scenes.

omfg i cant wait for this, great games

Has anybody got this got this yet because it is awesome.

that looks awesome i defiantly need to get the demo

I agree with those boobies, I would die because i wouldn't be able to move, i would just be staring at them.

here are the reviews