Night Watch

Been a subscriber to the youtube feeds for a while and a member of the site for a few weeks now, figured I would finally post about something in the forums and figured a book series was a good a place to start as any.

Night Watch/Day watch/Twilight Watch/Final Watch/New Watch (haven't read the last one)

An AWESOME book series I highly recommend to everyone... I originally watched the subbed movie (Nightwatch) when it was first released, managed to see it in a small movie theatre here in Brisbane when it finally was shown by an independent cinema and from there I read the books...

First off the books are MASSIVLY different from the movies, both in content, wording, the order or events, and in some cases how the events even pan out is changed.

If you're watched one or both of the movies and wasn't a big fan, then maybe the books wouldn't be your cup of tea but they are dramatically different (for example it's called "the gloom" in the movie, and "the twilight" in the book).

For anyone who has no idea what they are about I would recommend the intro to the movie (which can be found on youtube as well) as that does a much better job of explaining things than I could here.

So any other fans of the books around?

Oh and FYI the third movie, which was meant to be out years ago, will never be happening now... Fox studios bought the rights to it (I believe by buying the entire studio which owned it), wanted to use the same actors but wanted it to be in English so trained them all to speak English, then changed their minds about the entire thing and canned it (well along with the director doing other stuff which didn't help) :(

Yep... BIG fan of those here. :) I love em.

Haven't seen the movie(s). It might be interesting.

came here expecting Terry Pratchett...was dissapointed...

BUT NO LONGER - if you like fantasy and comedy then this is your series and your author. Sir Terry Pratchett to say the least is an amazing author and has written some of the most enjoyable books I have ever read and highly recommend you check him out if for some reason some of you have not yet already.

There's also a book called The Nightwatch by John Sandford if I recall. I read it years ago, awesome/hilarious book. Very creepy.

New Watch wont be out in English till March :(