NIC is f'd after creating network bridge

I have Arch Linux running on my desktop right now and I created a network bridge (br0) then added my NIC to it (enp4s0) like this:

# brctl addbr br0

# brctl addif br0 enp4s0


I promptly lost all internet access. Even after rebooting and removing the bridge I still have no internet access.

Even after booting back into Windows, I still have no internet access.


This makes me think I fucked something up inside of the NIC but I tried unplugging my computer and letting the power drain out, etc but that didn't fix anything.


Windows says it cannot get an IP address and that seems to be what was happening in Arch too.

I've never had this problem before and any help would be great!

I should also mention it's an RTL8111F

Did you remove the bridge with "delif" ?

Besides, the bridge-control utility isn't persistent accross boots unless you add the config to your /etc interfaces.

Maybe your nic has died.

Ya I'm going to add it in /etc/interfaces

I actually just rebooted my router and now it's magically working again...