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NFT Crypto Art? More digital asset shenanigan's

So like many of you (probably) I’ve at one point in my life downloaded Blender and made a few scenes. I’ve even followed some guide to make some nifty things. That brings me to Blender Guru and one of his [new videos]( on NFT art.

Apparently, someone’s build a block chain system for digital art ownership. People are paying $20k to $6.6m+ for digital art ownership.

My only thoughts are… What is money?

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Its not a new concept. I forget its name but a while back there was a search engine where you could “buy” pixels on its landing page and say what color to make them. This lead to some interesting backgrounds over time.

Did that guy use a blockchain ledger to validate ownership of the pixels?

Paying for digital items is obviously not novel. People have been selling digital art, ebooks, character skins, and what not for a long time.

The thing about blockchain is that it’s more than a “donation” in return for a spot on a landing page. Because of the ledger and your “wallet” or “gallery”, you will be the rightful owner of the piece of art. And there is only one true owner.

Not sure how long people have sold digital rights with blockchain… It’s kind of like like CryptoKitty, but for art.

It creates a sense of unique ownership of a digital item, that is really just a sequence of bits. Really easy to copy.

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From a graphic design point of view it could more or less bring up some interesting art concepts for modern times, seen a few interesting forms of Blender animated items and also some Crypto Art places allow artists to have the option to send a physical item to the buyer(ex: original artwork such as a painting). It reminds me of several collectable card makers did “e-Cards” you’d register for e-trading a special edition digital card & later digital trading/auctions of physical goods(autographed items) which remained somewhere.

When I was a web developer there were interesting efforts in the publishing industry on the dead tree edition vs digital edition, a few times someone would try to push “we want to make a certain content exclusive for subscribers” it went from typical cups/shirts to digital items like music or special edition ebooks.

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while i like the idea of NFTs i have one major issue with them and that’s the reliance on proprietary viewers.
meaning they rely on a singular application to actually view or listen to the asset.

and yes while the blockchain the assets resides remains operative you will always have control of that asset. the same cannot be said for the viewing application as it seems here lately there is a heated push to move users onto newer platforms be-damned legacy compatibility.

placing ones digital assets at risk of obsolescence if the necessary viewing application is not kept up to standards guaranteeing operations in newer platforms.

until these NFTS have a reliable standard such as the venerable JPG PNG OGG h.264 … etc that guarantees playback in a plethra of applications other than the original hosting app NFTs will be to risky of a investment for something that could end up being just a series of numbers with no supporting app to actual view or listen to it in.

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