Nexus 7 Backup

Hi guys! So earlier today, I dropped my Nexus 7 32Gb Wifi, and it cracked. Right now I am trying to find out warranty info, but for right now, I would like to find out how to back up my Nexus 7 without using the device (the screen no longer works). If it helps, I have used carbon backup before and it is on my device.

thanks in advance

Go to XDA develpers and go to the nexus 7 section ask the question there more people will respond and there is a guarantee card that comes with your nexus 7 unless you threw it away.

Had the same thing happen to me a few days ago. The only way I found to backup your stuff without using the screen would be to use one of the toolkits for the Nexus 7 and create a Nandroid backup (and complete backup of your ROM). You need to be rooted, obviously. Even then, you need Android debugging to be enabled on the device beforehand. Otherwise the toolkit won't recognize the device. Another way is for you to try and hook up your Nexus 7 to a display through an OTG cable, though I'm not sure how well that would work. Never tried it myself. Only used a controller through an OTG cable...

You can backup android os device data to computer with an android backup assistant app.I think it's very convenient.

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