Nexus 4 VS S3

I am looking at both the s3 and the nexus 4 but the nexus 4's specs look really good and the s3 doesnt show how much ram or what processor it has on the samsung. I have also noticed that the s3 is much more expensive to get unlocked. Which should I get.

I did some reesearch and found that the processor on the nexus 4 is better and that it has twice as much ram as the s3 why is the s3 priced higher and should i get it


In the USA the S3 is a duel core, with 2 gigs ram. Elsewhere it is a quadcore with 1 gig ram. Both the Nexus and S3 are nice.


I used a s3 for a couple minutes once. It was horrid I disliked it very much and unfortunately it is the android device everyone buys. I would highly recommend the Nexus 4. I've used the galaxy nexus which isn't extremely far off of the nexus 4 and I have 4.2.1 on my htc One X and I would recommend th Nexus 4 over the s3 anyday.

Here is a comparison site:

Nexus 4 all the way, unaltered android, early updates, cheap off contract, looks better imo, and much better for rooting if thats your thing. If you can live with no 4g then the nexus is a clear winner.

I would get the Nexus 4. The screen isn't as good, but I think it has a better design overall. Plus the specs are better. OTA updates from Google as soon as they're available. These overlays that OEMs put on Android's beautiful UI makes me sick (in this case, Samsung's Touchwiz).

Go for the Nexus. Unless you need storage, then S3.

I bought the Nexus 4 over the S3

Personally I don't like the TouchWiz interface on the S3

The N4 is about half the price for similar specs

You get quicker OTA updates for the N4 with pure Android

The design is nicer IMO

For me, the only thing lacking on the N4 is expandable external memory, but 16GB has been sufficient so far

A Nexus is straight open-source out of the box and gets the newest updates first. It lacks an external sd-slot and personally only 16Gb seems too little taking into account the backups you take when upgrading and fiddling. It's very attractively priced, but apparently the build quality is not on par with the previous generation.

S3 is closed source, so if you're thinking about running a custom ROM, have a look around first to see how far you can go. It does have a large userbase, so any future hard- and software problems should be easily remedied. It also has an external slot.

The launcher is of no consequence as you can run any launcher you like.

I would definitelly take the S3! While the N4 might be better at performance (2 gigs of RAM, Snapdragon S4 Pro), S3 has a few other advantages (in my view at least). First of all, for me at least, updates are irrelevant since I would root the phone and flash a custom ROM on it, day one. If you're not comfortable with rooting your phone, and consequently loosing your warranty, I guess that's out of the question. But if that is on the table, the S3 is probably the most popular Android phone in the world, meaning there are a ton of ROMs available for it, built on the latest Android 4.1.2 or even 4.2.2.

SD card is a major advantage for me. I listen to music on my Gnex almost everywhere I go, and I have about 11 gigs of music on my phone. Out of 16 Gigs, same as the N4. That, plus all of the customization stuff and apps on my phone. My storage is close to full almost all the time.

Removable battery is another thing. If you wanted to swap batteries, or buy a bigger battery, tough shit on the N4!

Better camera. Nexus phones are not known to have great cameras. Don't know about the N1, but Nexus S had a shitty camera, same as the Galaxy Nexus I currently own. And I've seen some comparison shots from both N4 and S3. S3 took much better photos.

I'd also take that shiny, cheap-feeling but durable plastic of the S3 compared to the scratch-and-crack magnet glass back of the Nexus 4.

+1 on avoiding glass

I'd go with this suggesting.  Bypassing any need for carrier updates is the way to go.  And I'll take better software support over slight hardware differences.  Also check out the new HTC One that is coming out.  It looks incredible.

I wouldn't NOT buy a Nexus 4 just because of the glass back. Sure, it cracks more easily than plastic backs. Sure, they're not replaceable. Sure, it gets all smudgy and scratched up easily. Oh.. not really making a good case for my argument.

Anyway, if you're the type of person that constantly drops his phone or doesn't trust himself then don't get the Nexus 4. If you're only concern is how easily the back will scratch, buy a screen for the back. If you're concerned about it being a smudge magnet, buy a matte screen. I'd personally take the matte screen route because they're resistant against scratching and smudging. Plus they're sexy as hell.

No SD card and no option above 16gb is a fail in my book...If you dont like touchwiz, ethier install a new launcher or replace it with cm10.1