Nexus 4.3 root?

I'm thinking about rooting my nexus 4. 

However being the caution person I am, is they're anything at all I should do or know before I root, such as google wallet problems? Backups, dangers. risks with the nexus 4. (for instance, what is that Red light of death about?)

Also, how should I root if I'm running android 4.3? I tried to use the nexus 4 toolkit but it only supports up to version 4.2.2.


The only actual dangers are you void your warranty and theres a small chance you could hard brick your device , but very unlikely especially with Nexus devices which tend to be a little more open . To be safe, create a backup before you start just in case which can be found in your recovery settings.

Next read this thread :

This XDA thread is a very good tutorial on rooting your device and it will work on every verision because it is done through adb which is built in into the Android SDK. And if anything does happen, there's all kind of help in the thread to help you work through your issues.

Happy rooting.

I forgot to mention that I would wan't to be using Paranoid Android, and the recent build to my understanding is a hybrid of 4.2.2 and 4.3. So you have to install the radios yourself and only a few kernels work. Any advice on this.

Well , to be on the safe side, you could always flash over to the stock verision of 4.3 from Google if you're worried about that.

The image can be found here :

All the information about Paranoid Andriod's latest rom can be found here:

As well as tutorials on installing the rom and reviews and whatever you need. Also there is a radio in a thread as well, so you must wait to check that out as well.

Okay, I installed the version of superSU the tutorial linked, but I guess it was outdated because when I try to open superSU it says binary update needed, so i clicked continue and it says "install failed." So I tried to update it though the store and it says no binary is installed when I try to open it. So I went into setting and uninstalled the google play update. I do not have CWM perminatley installed yet.

What should I do from here?

Nothing. Supersu doesn't update like other programs on some devices. Download root checker from the market and run it. It will tell you if you are rooted or not.

It said I'm not rooted properly. I currently don't have CWM installed, and when I try to open it it says

"the binary needs update" when I click continue the install fails.

So I tried to update the SuperSU app to the latest version, when I try to run that it says

"there is no binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it, that is a problem!

If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually re-root, consult the relevant forums for you device"

I'm confused what to do? I was running 4.3 before I did this.

Is it safe and would it work to reflash CWM and reflash a newer SuperSU binary over the existing one?

YEs. You can do that. And if you brick it or mess up, there are plenty of guides online on how to fix it using adb. Easy as pie.

Okay, so I don't have to uninstall the current binaries, just redo the whole rooting process but with a newer version of SuperSU?

(just checking twice, my first time and I'm pretty cautions about this)

I want to flash this with CWM, The binary I currently have but am having problems with is v0.98

I used twrp For my next 7, I prefer that over cwm. But either way, install cwm via adb then flash supersu from that link. That is the correct file.

Thanks for the help, Just got my phone rooted and CWM installed successfully!

One last thing, everything seems to be working but when I go to the reboot system now setting in CWM, it says root could be lost. fix? If I click the "go back" option once this is prompted the phone will reboot like normal.

Should I click fix, or just ignore it like I have been, because rootchecker says I'm properly rooted and I can give apps Super User permissions.

Do what you've been doing :P