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NextCloud server, should I use my existing website domain?

Currently, I’m using my http:// domain for my website(which I’m updating). Should I use this same domain, create a sub-domain, and set up my Nextcloud server? In this case I need to purchase a SSL certification, right? Oh, my VPS is through Inmotion Hosting.

Is there any downside to setting it up this way?

There are no downsides to using a sub-domain for nextcloud, this is what they are meant to be used for. As for SSL encryption you should look into letsencrypt, they will issue you with a free certificate to use on your site:


+1 for Lets Encrypt. Just setup a nextcloud server myself using this and it’s great.


Go the route @MichaelLindman has suggested, Letsencrypt are excellent and easy to use. A subdomain is also a good idea. You should be able to setup letsencrypt on your nextcloud box to autorenew as well.


Thanks for the suggestion. @MichaelLindman

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