News about Black Mesa!

A few hours ago, there was a tweet by the Black Mesa developers with a link to some information about the state of affairs and their plans for the future of the mod. Here is the link to the post

I haven't seen a post about this yet and just wanted to give a shout-out to those who haven't seen it.

It looks like the Steam version of Black Mesa will not be a free mod after all. I think it's perfectly legit for them to commercialize their work and they said it's mainly a way for the fans to support them although there will be some additional features for the supporters. And they're not completely discontinuing support for the free version. But that's just my personal opinion. What do you think?

I have the free version but I think I would buy the one that will be officially on steam. I doubt it will be expensive. 

Should be a nice way to support them for their work and for them to receive the recognition for their work that they deserve. This reminds me I need to start playing it again.



I hope they will make it possible to use your saves from the free version with the steam version. If not I'll have to re-play the game till Xen. Although I'll probably do that anyway if the steam version is different somehow.

I think its going to be the same just with some added content.

so long as the free one is always available I think its okay. I look forward to it.