Newegg replacement bent pins on cpu question,

Hey guys, I was curious if any of you have experience with Newegg's Accidental Replacement Service Plan that they offer for a little extra with CPU's. I recently was going to put an H80i on my 6350, but when I was taking the cooler off i didn't realize that the heatsink was fused with the cpu (stock thermal paste) so I pulled it out like I normally would and BAM! CPU ripped out with it and bent pins (couldn't fix them with CC I tried). 

I guess I just want to know if the accident replacement would cover this? I have had a hard time getting a striaght answer, Newegg support gives me a number that was to track RMA's while servicenet (the provider) hasn't answered me yet. *Sigh* I just don't want to replace my cpu a month into it's life :/

yes accidental warranty should cover that