Newegg i5 3570k combo

So i'm building a gaming PC for my friend and I stumbled upon this sweet combo on newegg:

Idk what do you think? Is it worth it?

if you want an i5 system those are solid parts but price it out and see how much you are really saving

I did the math and i'm saving about fifty bucks going with this combo.  I normally would go with AMD but this is a good deal!

The 3570k is a beast of a processor too, despite being the "little brother" to the i7 line.


This is a really nice deal to build around. Good mobo, good RAM, adequate wattage in the PSU. Just plop a GPU in there, put it in a case. 

i7 is straight overkill.  IMHO not a good value.

I got it for the bigger number.

I agree I think it's good.  But maybe you could do better depending on what things you value.  For my system I didn't need more than 500 Watts, and the CX500M was 35 after rebate.  It's a semi-modular supply, so there are fewer wires getting in the way.

I am not 100% sure but I think the newer Z87 motherboards (Haswell) have some newer technology.  The Gigabyte board I got, Z87MX-D3H, was about 120 and has some efficient voltage regulators that are on many of the newest boards from Gigabyte and Asus.  It seems like these features are trickling down from the  overclockers' boards to the mainstream products that use the 8 series chipsets.

None of these things are a big deal and if you want to overclock, the older CPUs are supposed to respond better to traditional methods than Haswell.