Newb in Networking

So I’ve got a combination of Cat5e and Cat6a cables that are lying around the house and I’ve noticed several times with testing last night that I’m not getting anywhere near the appropriate speeds that I’m paying for since switching to a 1 Gig plan from ISP. I’ve always lacked in the networking department and would like to learn “More”, especially from the Guru’s of networking on here.

For now I’m starting small and I just want to improve my external download speeds as much as possible to get at least close enough to the max at what I’m paying for. I’m almost at a loss and want to keep trying!!

Mind you I’ve been a computer tech for quite some time and this Network interface component is driving me nuts…

Any help would be Fantastic…

Configs are below:

OS: Windows 10 Pro build 21h2
Current Mobo Configuration Asrock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4’s manufacturer website.

Network Interface: Realtek PCie GBE Family Controller

RAM: 32-64 GB of RAM, (Can’t recall configuration and manufacturer, will check later)

Current Router Configuration:Tenda AC1200

My network config:
PC is connected via Cat5e (25ft cable) to the Tenda Router, Tenda is connected from WAN from ISP router.

To do List:

:white_check_mark:I just upgraded my plan to the highest plan possible (1 Gig via co-ax from Breezeline )

:white_check_mark: I’ve tested frequently last night, updated my onboard Realtek PCie GBE Family controller, which still shows as version from 2017

:grey_question: I will probably need to clear the Realtek PCie GBE Family Controller Drivers and Install the updated drivers from Asrock (even though I did that already)

:grey_question: Test connection once more from the ISP router to my PC and confirm if its bottlenecked via Cable Category.

:grey_question: I plan to reboot all three devices this evening just to confirm, that I’m not crazy.

probably your issue to be honest.

Also find your ISPs speedtest site because thats probably what they are rating it to.

Take a look at iperf as well.

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yeah I know… each time I call they state that “It works” (outsource support) and I reply… Really because my speedtest show 300-400 mbps. I’ll definitely look into that to test it out with them on the line, as much as I’d hate to do it.

Try waking up at 3-4am and running a speedtest then. Cable internet shares bandwidth with everyone on your block, so as more users are online your download speed will be worse. By doing testing at the very early hours of the morning no one else will really be using up the bandwidth so you should get results as the fastest speed you can get. If at that time you still have much slower speeds than you should, then it is time to start looking at other options. It could be your own network equipment, or your ISP could have poor equipment in your area. This is also something cable providers are known for, their poor equipment.

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Yup, i’m indeed aware unfortunately had many poor experiences with Spectrum/Time Warner (we will never forget) not providing me the “right” equipment based on the Mbps plan I requested.

I will indeed try those tests early in the morning though, thats a good idea to point out.

Guys, it’s 2022 … Have the damn computer wake up at 3am and run the test for you, while you are sleeping …


So set the PC for Wake-On lan, auto log the account and run the powershell script for ookla speedtest??

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Leave it running for 24hrs running a speed test every 15 minutes?

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That would need a computer to send the wake up comand. Why not just use that computer do do the test?

Or leave main pc on for one night?

Nothing wrong with wake on lan, just seems pointless to have two machines doing one job?

Also, you could get it to do regular checks thru the night, maybe see if he quieter times bring better throughput/bandwidth?

Yeah I’ll give it a try.